Guide to Finding Cooling Bed Sheets for Sweaty Nights

Do you tend to sweat a lot on hot nights? It may be hard to pin down the right temperature for a night of comfortable sleep as everyone’s body is different. Women dealing with menopause suffer the worst kinds of night sweats. Medical treatments can be costly, and if having the air-conditioning on is not enough, here’s a guide to finding cooling bed sheets for sweaty nights in Singapore.

What to Consider when Buying Cool Sheets?

When shopping for cooling bed sheets, there are two things you have to look out for – the material and construction of the sheet. Construction refers to how the bed sheet is made, such as its thread count and weaving.
Cotton, the go-to material for most of our needs from clothing to bed sheets, transmits heat as well as absorbs moisture well. It is natural, affordable, easy to maintain and durable.

Superior Cotton to Cool You Down

There are 3 types of superior cotton in the market. While Egyptian cotton is the most well-known, the name itself has often been abused. It is not uncommon to find bedsheets labelled as Egyptian cotton but yet mixed with other types of fabric fibres. Real 100% pure Egyptian cotton is expensive as well.

The best type of cotton that offers coolness is Supima. Supima cotton has the longest staple fibres used in sheets. They are known for their reliability and are also not prone to form pills. Another advantage to Supima cotton is that the way it is manufactured in the U.S. is tightly regulated. This ensures Supima is not mixed with other fibres. They are also not woven on the same machines used for non-Supima products.

Superior Cotton to Cool You Down

Affairs Living’s Hotelier Prestigio™ collection offers high quality cotton including Supima. The Hotelier Prestigio™ Supima Cotton Cyprus Blue Fitted Sheet Set gives you the option to include quilt cover, pillow and bolster case for the bundle set. The fitted sheet also comes with round elastic bands that can fit mattresses up to 40 cm in height.

Type of Weave

The two most popular types of weaves for cotton bed sheets are percale and sateen. Sateen gives off a lustrous sheen on the surface and is soft and silky to the touch. Percale on the other hand is lightweight, crisp and durable.

Percale has a looser weave than sateen, allowing heat to easily escape. It also has a crisp feel that allows easier ventilation than sateen. Sateen is dryer than percale because it is drapier. This quality wraps sateen closer to your body compared to percale and absorbs excess sweat on the skin.

Type of Weave

But when comparing the two, percale gives a better cooling option compared to sateen. Hotelier Prestigio™ Supima Cotton Percale White Dove Earl Gray Hem Fitted Sheet Set gives you the best of both worlds. Supima cotton bed sheet with percale to cool you down while sleeping.

Alternative to Cotton

TENCEL™ sheets are becoming popular with its sustainable manufacturing process. It is made from eucalyptus tress that grow easily in areas not friendly to vegetation. It is made by Lenzing Fabrics, an Austrian company that uses non-toxic solvent to extract cellulose from the wood to produce TENCEL™. Also known as rayon and lyocell, it is very efficient at wicking away moisture and is superbly breathable.

You can find Affairs Living’s collection of TENCEL™ bed sheets under the Palais Suite™ brand.

What to Avoid

If you are looking for cool bedsheets, silk may not be a good option. Also it feels superbly soft and cool to the touch, silk is finely woven and can trap heat for a sweaty sleeper. Although for those who do not sleep warm, silk can be good for both cold and warm climates. We hope the information provided in this post helps you find the perfect cooling bedsheet so you can say goodbye to a sweaty night!

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May 17, 2021 — hue lai