How to Choose Cotton Bedsheets?

Although cotton is the most common material used to make bedsheets, we may not know how to choose them for our sleep comfort. There are differences to cotton bedding from the types of weaving to where they are made. These range from percale to sateen, to pima or Egyptian cotton. We help you define them so that you know how to choose cotton bedsheets.

Types of Cotton

There are three types of cotton produced in the world. The varieties come from American Upland, Pima and Egyptian. The American Upland variety is most commonly used and they can be long to short staples. Staple refer to the individual fibre length of the cotton.

Pima is a type of long staple cotton that is fine and often called Supima. The Supima Association promotes Pima cotton. Egyptian cotton is the most famous of the three as it is well-known for its super fine and long staple fibre. Egyptian cotton as the name refers, is grown in the Nile River Valley and has an extremely soft and supple weave.

Flannel are also made from cotton fibres. They have been pulled loose to produce tiny top fibres. They feel fuzzy and is ideal for winter or cold weather.

Cotton Weaves

Cotton fibres is weaved into Oxford, percale and sateen. Percale is a plain weave fabric. The warp and the weft threads of percale cross over and under each other one at a time. The threads are tightly woven, creating a fine texture and finish. Percale get most comfortable after each wash.

Oxford has two times as many warp threads-threads that run lengthwise. The weft threads run widthwise. Oxford weave is not used for making bedsheets. Rather it is more commonly used for making men’s dress shirts. Oxford cotton is very durable and stands up very well to laundering. It feels soft and crisp. The Oxford cotton weave is perfect for pillowcases.

Sateen sheets produce a silky look and luxurious softness. It is made using satin weave where warp threads interlace with filling threads. This method exposes more thread surface thus creating a lustrous silky, durable fabric to allow it to retain heat making it suitable for cooler climates.

Thread Counts

Thread counts refers to the number of threads that make up one square inch of sheet fabric. It includes both horizontal and vertical threads. The lower-priced sheets usually range from 150-count or up to 1,000 for the higher range cotton bedsheets.

Although buyers concentrate on the highest number of thread counts as a good bedsheet, that is often not the case. Manufactures could count double threads over one weave using thin fibres to account for 2 threads. Rather, take note of the weave and type of cotton used to make the cotton sheets. A thread count of 400 and above are generally soft and comfortable. A high thread count bed sheet could be less durable than a bedsheet of 400 to 600 thread count.

Where to Buy High Quality Cotton Bedsheets?


Where to Buy High Quality Cotton Bedsheets?

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