5 Items Not to Keep In Your Bedroom

Our lives are getting busier whether we are out working or kept indoors due to the pandemic. With technology, we have much to keep ourselves occupied mentally, whether it is streaming entertainment, social media or the internet and zoom meetings. The one sanctuary we have is our bedrooms where we can rest our restless minds. Therefore, it is paramount to keep our bedroom clutter free. We recommend 5 items not to keep in your bedroom.

What Should You Not Have In Your Bedroom?

1. Pets

We may all love to cuddle in bed with our pets. But it is highly recommended not to sleep with your pets in the bedroom. Remember the bubonic plague that scarred Europe? It was the deadliest outbreak in the 12th century but they are not totally gone. Cats and dogs can still carry the fleas that carry this disease and sleeping next to your pets puts you at risk. These fleas can jump off their fur and onto your bed.

Not forgetting, dogs could get sick from parasites like hookworm or roundworm. You may be conscientious of your pet’s health and make sure it gets checked up at the vet. But if your dog is already infected with the roundworm and you are unaware, the parasite’s eggs could rub off on your bed sheets if you allow your pet to roam around freely in your bedroom.

2. Electronics

One thing that keeps us awake even when we are sleeping is entertainment. Nowadays we have endless entertainment. If you have a TV set in your room, watching series late into the night could stimulate your mind and cause insomnias. But even a laptop or a mobile phone can do the same as we can stream entertainment via any electronic device. Plus, friends could text you, or your boss could disrupt your sleep even if it isn’t an urgent work message. Last but not least, electronic devices emit blue light. While this light boosts mood and alertness during the day, it can potentially wreck your sleep. Avoid screens two to three hours before bedtime and it is best to keep distracting electronic devices out of your bedroom.

3. Bright Colours

Another way to disrupt your sleep is to have bright and stimulating colours cover your bedroom walls. A study found that colours such as blue, yellow, silver, green were the most conducive to sleep. Whereas purples, browns and grays in the bedroom are the worst for sleep. Keep the colours in your room muted to promote a feeling of calm and relaxation for a peaceful night’s rest.

4. Photos

It is nice to have photos taken with your friends and family to reminisce past events such as a family celebration or an overseas trip in your bedroom. But they are not recommended for the bedroom. According to Feng Shui principles, having family photos in your bedroom is a big no. Photos of family such as children or relatives can cause you to remember obligations or worry. If you have photos of single people in your room, it may cause you to feel lonely and insecure, even if you are married.

5. Clutter

Another big NO NO to have in your bedroom is clutter. Having clutter such as piles of dirty clothes or old household items in the bedroom crowd your mind. It does not allow your mind to be clear and makes it harder for relaxing. Instead, keep your bedroom clean and it will promote a sense of serenity for your sleep.


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May 18, 2021 — hue lai