Why You Should Make Your Bed

Making our beds in the morning could be a chore to some of us. That makes up half of us who leave our beds messy and undone every morning and those who make our beds. You might wonder what is the purpose of making the bed except making it look neat when there is nobody visiting. However, there are benefits to doing this morning ritual. Here’s why you should make your bed.

Why Making Your Bed Is So Important?

The Psychology Behind Making Your Bed

There are possible advantages to allocating a few minutes to making your bed every morning. According to retired four-star admiral William H. McRaven, he proposed that making your bed in the morning sets you up for success based on a book he published in 2017. His theory is that by making your bed the first thing in the morning, you have accomplished at least one thing. It is a small success that can encourage many more successes throughout the day. But let’s take a look at the possible advantages of putting aside a few minutes each morning for this morning ritual.

Reasons to Make Your Bed

Based on a poll in the United States, age and lifestyle are factors that determine if you make your bed. The poll found that those over the age of 40 and those who live with a partner are more likely to tidy up the bed as a morning ritual. The reason not to make your bed is strong. Why bother to tidy up the bed every morning when you are going to crawl into bed at night and mess it up again?

But if you look into the mind, you might look at the whole matter differently. Making the bed in the morning sets your day out in an organised manner. It is about setting the intention of paying attention to the small things in life. It could bring about a sense of responsibility, orderly, balanced and successful life. All these from completing a small daily accomplishment each morning. Moreover, people who make their bed also find it calms their minds as well.

The Benefits of Making Your bed

Although there isn’t any research that specifically study the effects of making your bed every morning, there is however solid evidence showing a clear link between living and working in an organised and clutter free environment. By being organised and clearing clutter on your bed, it allows you to improve your focus, increases your productivity and reduces stress. This assumes that making your home (starting with your bed) tidy and organised, makes for an organised mind.

People who suffer from extreme hoarding are found to have poorer executive function, emotional regulation and mental health. Additionally, clutter is assumed to impair information processing in the mind.

A study on personal and household hygiene found people who are more tidy and organised tend to have more control over their impulses and are more conscientious, orderly and goal-oriented. Those with the habit of cleaning up also pay more attention to manners and following social norms.

Last but not least, studies show that your sleep environment plays a key role in sleep and poor ‘sleep hygiene’ can have undesirable effects on your sleep. Sleep hygiene includes anything that can be distracting to a sleeper, such as noise, light, stress and messy. Therefore a cluttered bedroom and messy bed could be a disturbance for a good night’s sleep.

Motivation for Making Your Bed

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May 11, 2021 — hue lai