A Beginner’s Guide: How to Buy A Mattress in Singapore

Are you constantly waking up with body aches that never seem to go away? You just feel groggy even if you’ve gotten enough sleep, which can be extremely frustrating if you have a busy day ahead of you.

Oftentimes, enhancing the sleeping experience all boils down to the mattress you have at home. And maybe it doesn’t make sleeping comfortable like the first time you bought it; now, it feels more bouncy and the springs creak even at the slightest movement.

But before you spend thousands of dollars on buying a new mattress in Singapore, you need to consider a few things. Here are some of them:

Find The Best Size

When it comes to finding the best mattress size, you should know the mattress dimensions to make sure that it perfectly fits in your bedroom. Keep in mind that they typically come in standard sizes, such as:

Type Size (cm / inches)

91 x 190cm / 36 x 75in

Super Single

107 x 190cm / 42 x 75in


150 x 190cm / 60 x 75in


180 x 190cm / 72 x 75in


Choose Your Preferred Type of Mattress

Here are the most popular mattress types for various kinds of sleepers, such as:

  • Mini Pocketed Spring Coil- MattX™ Mini Mattresses are known for their mini-coil-based construction. It is perfect for adjustable bed bases, redefines support and isolation, ensuring minimal disturbance for a restful sleep. This includes the MattX™ Mini Plus Hybrid Mattress with a mini pocketed spring coil system.
  • Hybrid - Unlike innerspring mattresses, the hybrid ones offer better motion isolation and pressure relief. Thanks to its coil layer, this mattress improves air circulation throughout the bed for a better sleeping experience. For instance, the MattX™ Hybrid Mattress supports pressure point relief and cooling gel technology.


Browse The Best Mattress Selection in Singapore

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