Should You Get An Expensive Mattress?

Need to change your mattress and wondering if you should get an expensive mattress? The usual thinking is that anything expensive is high in quality and is also more durable. In terms of buying a mattress, this is true. A good quality mattress is made of high quality materials, which costs more to procure. It is also usually assumed that expensive mattresses are more comfortable to lie on. That said, should you get an expensive mattress?

Examining High Quality Mattresses

Although you do not want to look like you are performing an autopsy on a mattress in a store, there are ways to find out if the mattress is indeed high quality.

  1. One sure thing to look out for is the density of the mattress. Light weight mattresses are usually made from synthetic or low-density materials.
  1. Another tell-tale sign of a low quality mattress is the cover. If the mattress cover is warm to the touch, it is probably cheap.
  1. A high quality innerspring and latex mattress should be really springy producing no squeaky sound when you sit on it. Memory foam mattresses shouldn’t be springy at all and should contour to the shape of your body. So if you hear squeaking (innerspring mattress) or feel that a memory foam only sinks in when you put your weight on it, it’s definitely not a high-quality mattress.
  1. A good quality mattress usually comes with height. The extra height helps to distribute weight evenly. Memory foam and latex mattresses should be 25 to 30.5 cm in height. While innerspring mattresses should be 30.5 to 35.6 cm in height.

We have shared in a previous post the kind of mattress materials you can look out for while shopping for a new mattress.

Don’t Fall For Extra Features

Some mattresses can be expensive with extra features attached. For example, you may find memory foam infused with charcoal and green tea infused memory foam. There is no evidence how charcoal and green tea infused memory foam keeps the mattress fresh, except maybe to just mask chemical smell.

Other features such as special mattress springs or lumbar pillows have no evidence to be good for the back or health and are usually used to inflate the costs of mattresses. Also, even if you might be considering an expensive well-known mattress brand, make sure you check by touching, sitting and looking at the height of the mattress before purchase.

Extra features just do not add extra comfort for your bed time except to have you pay extra.

Hybrid Mattress

If you are unsure what to go for - innerspring, memory foam or latex, you can simply choose a hybrid mattress. Affairs Living offers two types of hybrid mattresses. The first flippable MattX™ Dual Mattress in Singapore comes with Artic Cool Technology™ provides icy cooling effect. The MattX™ hybrid Mattress as implied is a combination of natural latex and memory foam.

The materials that make MattX™ Mattresses are all certified to be free of harmful or toxic substances. The mattress is covered in TENCEL™ which is very cool and breathable to sleep on. 



MattX™ is the house brand of Affairs Living. Drop by at our showroom in Singapore to check out our hybrid mattresses.

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January 19, 2021 — hue lai