How To Care For Your Pillow

We all place much attention on the cleanliness of our bed sheets and pillow cases. However when it comes to the pillows, we seldom pay much attention to them. We can sleep on the same pillow for years without cleaning them. Imagine all the dirt, oils, saliva, sweat, bacteria and even fungi that can make themselves home on our pillow. These things can actually break down the support of your pillow over time.

Here in the Singapore we have had the hot and humid weather. It has been really hot at night and our bedding has needed changing more often than usual. But do you think to wash your pillows? We have covered mattress cleaning before so lets now talk pillows. We share how you can care for your pillow to keep it clean and fresh over time.

How to make your pillows last longer

1. Airing Your Pillow

Most people might put their pillow out to air in the sun once or twice a year. However, it is recommended you do this monthly and to fluff your pillows daily to remove dust and restore their shape. If you have foam and latex pillows, you can throw them into the dryer to air them on a no-heat cycle.

2. Washing Your Pillow

It is recommended that you wash your pillow twice a year. But do check the care instruction before popping it into the washer, in case only dry cleaning is recommended for your pillow.

Before you pop your pillow into the washer, check for any stains. Always treat the stains with a laundry stain remover before putting them into the washing machine. Use a damp cotton cloth to dab on the stain to see if the stain has lightened. You may have to do it a few times before the stain is removed.

If your washer is large enough, you can throw two pillows in at a time to balance the load. This will allow the water and detergent to circulate more effectively. Set your washer to a gentle wash cycle.

For down or feather pillows, wash with a small amount of mild powder detergent. A liquid detergent is not recommended because if it is not completely rinsed out, it will leave a sticky residue and cause the content to clump together.

Memory foam or latex pillows can’t be thrown into the washer. The best way is to clean off stains with laundry stain remover and use a pillow protector to extend their durability.

As for a polyester filled pillow, wash with warm water on a gentle cycle with about 1 tablespoon of liquid soap. With buckwheat hull pillows, you can empty the buckwheat filling onto a large sheet or shallow bowl and air them in the sun. Then wash the shell casing with cold water and a mild detergent.

3. Drying the Pillow

It is crucial to thoroughly dry out your pillow after a wash to prevent the growth of mildew. Do not dry your pillow on auto-dry setting with your dryer. Instead dry your pillows for about an hour on moderate heat in your dryer. Toss two fresh tennis balls in the dryer to keep the filling in the dryer from clumping together.

With down or feather pillows, use the no-heat air-dry setting and tennis balls to break up the clumps. If the sun is out, you can also hang your pillows on the clothesline until they are thoroughly dry. Check for moisture before bringing your pillows indoors.


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