Pros and Cons of 3 Common Sleeping Positions

All of us have our favourite sleeping positions. These sleeping positions can change over time as well. You may be able to sleep on your back when you are younger but find it easier to fall asleep on your stomach as you grow older, or vice-versa. Sometimes, you may find yourself falling asleep on your side only to wake up in another position causing you aches and pains. We share the pros and cons to sleeping with 3 main sleeping positions most of us adopt while resting at night.

What Is The Most Common Sleeping Position?

 1. Sleeping on your abdomen

This sleep position may be good for babies but not good for adults according to physical therapists. The simple reason that sleeping on your abdomen is a bad idea is because this position compresses your lumbar (lower back) as well as your organs in front. Lying down for long periods on your face in this position can also cause wrinkles. Sleeping in this position also causes your face to be turned to one side. Don’t be surprised to wake up feeling a sore neck.

However, sleeping on your stomach may help with problems of snoring or with sleep apnea. To prevent or reduce the stress on your lower back, you can consider folding a towel and placing it on your lower abdomen to slightly elevate the area and relieve the compression on your lumbar.

 2. Sleeping on your side

Sleeping on the side is one of the favourite positions of many sleepers. It is a position to adopt if you have lower back problems. This position also helps to keep your spine in a neutral position. However, sleeping on your side with your legs stacked on top of one another can cause your lower torso to slope down. This causes an imbalance in the posture. However, it can be easily fixed by placing a bolster or a pillow between the knees until your leg on top is aligned with your hip. To keep the spine neutral, take care that the shoulders should not cave into the chest. To prevent your shoulders from compressing your chest is to make sure you are not hugging a pillow while sleeping on the side. If you have a tight hip or lower back, you can stretch out your arm on top behind your back into a twist to relieve the tension.

Sleeping on your side not only reduce or prevent snoring, but it can also help with heartburn and is also helpful for women who are pregnant to improve circulation. The con to this position is the side of your face pressing against the pillow may become wrinkled. Your shoulders may also feel compressed if you cave it toward your chest.

 3. Sleeping on your back

Sleeping on your back is the best position for sleep. Reason is because your weight distribution is maintained evenly in this position. This provides a good support for your neck and spine. Lying down on your back also allows your skin to breathe. Especially the fact that this position does not require your facial skin to be pressed on any surface and so prevents wrinkles and sagging.

However, sleeping on your back may add tension to your lower back especially if you have back pain or ache. The way to remedy this is to place a small pillow or folded pillow under your knees to support your back. The con of sleeping in this position is if you snore or suffer from sleep apnea.


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May 24, 2021 — hue lai