How To Organise Your Bed Linens?

Bed linens can be quite difficult to organise and to keep. Unlike clothing, we may not take good care of our bed linen to store them properly, making us guilty of cramming bed sheets randomly with pillowcases into a drawer. If you would like to have pristine sheets stacked neatly and colour coordinated when you pull out your drawer and say goodbye to your overflowing cupboard, we offer some tips on how to organise your bed linens.

1. Clean Out Your Cupboard

The first thing to do before organising your bed linens is to clean out your cupboard. That does not mean to throw everything out, but to take out your wardrobe and decide which clothing and bedding to keep and which to discard. Donate what you do not use or do not need anymore. We are prone to leaving old wardrobe and bedding in our cupboards for a long time without regular housekeeping. Doing this would help determine the amount of space you have for your bed linens.

2. Learn To Fold Your Sheets

Although folding your bedsheets may not seem like a much sought-after skill, it can do wonders to keep your sheets neat. If you have already or are investing in high quality bed sheets, it would be a waste not to care for them properly and to stuff them into the drawers after drying. Keep your sheets in tip-top shape by folding them properly.

To fold your sheets in a proper manner, follow these steps:

  1. Drape your fitted sheet over your hands with the elastic edge falling you and the top two corners inside out. Hold the fitted sheet with one hand in each of the top corners.
  1. Fold the fitted sheet in half vertically by flipping the right corner over the left to create a pocket. Turn the bed sheet 180 degrees and create a second pocket up top.
  2. Fold the fitted sheet in half again.
  1. Lay the folded sheet on the bed. The sheet should be in a rectangle now, fold it half lengthwise and then fold into thirds.

3. Using Bed Storage Boxes

If you find that your wardrobe is short of space after doing housekeeping, you might want to consider beds and ottomans storage beds where you can discreetly keep your bed linens. Or you can easily purchase storage boxes where you can store your bedding and keep them under your bed.

Label your boxes with the bedding sizes you intend to keep your bed linen. Fold your bed sheets according to sets and place them in airtight bed storage boxes according to their design and sizes.

4. Shelf Dividers

If you own a lot of bedsheets and bedding in different sizes and colours, you might want to invest in shelf dividers. Self dividers are a great way to help keep your storage space organised in a cupboard. It can help to separate colours, sizes and sets neatly without them topping onto each other.

5. Keep Your Bedding Smelling Fresh

To keep your bed linen smelling fresh in the cupboard or boxes, consider placing lavender bags inside the closet or storage box to maintain the newly washed smell. Placing cedar blocks around the closet will also prevent moths and bugs entering your bedding.



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