How To Care For Your Duvet?

The centrepiece of the bedroom is the bed and what makes the bed looks inviting and comfortable is one which is outfitted by a fluffy duvet encased in a comfortable cool duvet cover. Duvets are a must for those living in a cool climate including those sleeping in an air-conditioned room in tropical Singapore. There are some who are reluctant to get a duvet because of the need to maintain it. But considering the comfort it provides to the sleeper, a duvet is definitely worth getting and maintaining. We share how you can care for your duvet in this post.

What Is A Duvet?

A duvet is a quilted blanket filled with natural or synthetic filling such as own or down-alternative. It is constructed to last for years and is made of the shell and filler.

The shell of the duvet is often made of durable cotton or manmade fibres. A high thread count of over 300 is crucial to keep the down and feathers inside the shell without losing breathability. The filler is what goes inside the duvet. The filling material determines the level of breathability and physical weight of the duvet. They range from natural to synthetic fibres. Down and feather fillings are the most commonly used filling. Other filling includes microfiber, polyester and silk.

Duvet Cover

A duvet cover encloses the duvet like a pillowcase for a pillow. The duvet is fitted inside the cover where buttons or zip is used to close it at one end. Duvet covers can come in plain colour or with designs such as decorative fabrics to liven up your bed. There are also ways you can choose the best duvet cover for your duvet. A duvet cover can easily add to the decor of your room without you having to invest in a blanket. The best thing is you can get a few duvet covers and change the look of your bed weekly.

Caring for your duvet

Good news is, if you use a duvet cover to protect your duvet, you rarely need to clean the duvet itself. You should change the duvet cover weekly or once every two weeks. Wash your duvet once or twice a year in a large washing machine. Dry cleaning is not recommended as the chemicals can break down the fibres of the fill. When drying the duvet, use a gentle heat setting on the dryer. When it has been partially dried, give the duvet a good shake to break up damp clusters of filling and complete the drying process.

Hand the duvet out to air dry for 24 hours to make sure all sections are dry before replacing it back on the bed. If you keep the duvet inside a duvet cover, it will stay clean and fresh for months.

Caring for your duvet cover is simpler than caring for the duvet. Just check the manufacturer’s washing instructions on the wash label and follow the steps. To give it a crisp look, iron the cover before placing the duvet inside.


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