7 Ways to Maximise Space In Your Bedroom

The sizes of HDB flats are getting smaller in Singapore compared to years ago. The shrinkage includes the inclusion of a compulsory shelter, and the introduction of hallways leading to bedrooms providing more privacy. With smaller spaces it also means less storage areas to keep your items. The good thing is that it makes you think about what to shop for instead of buying things on a whim. But what about items you already own? Do you have problems finding storage in your bedroom? After all, the bedroom is where we keep our private stuff. We share bedroom storage ideas so that you can find ways to maximise space in your bedroom.

How Do You Maximise Space In Your Bedroom?

1. Extra Space For Your Clothes

Extra Space For Your Clothes

If you have a small bedroom, you will likely also have a modest sized closet. While our closet size stays the same, our wardrobe most likely won’t. This is especially more so for a working woman who needs to not only keep her clothes in the closet but also handbags, makeup, and even shoes for different occasions such as work, sports, formal and casual events. The solution? Find a corner to place a clothes rack or customise one for the extra wardrobe and shoes.

2. Bed Headboard With Storage

Bed Headboard With Storage

If your bed takes up a sizable area of your bedroom, get a bed with extra storage to store your items. One of the most overlooked storage spaces we can find in a bed is the headboard. Find a bed with headboard storage where you can keep your favourite books, e-reader, phones, and even your cup or spare light bulbs to save space.

3. Storage Bed

Storage Bed

Having storage under your bed helps you keep your bedding such as bed sheets, extra pillows, quilt and pillow cases so that you can save the space in your closet specifically for your wardrobe. Affairs Living’s customised leather bed frame with storage bed even allows you to customise the design of the head board, choose the colour of the bed frame and to upgrade the fabric of the bed frame. The bed frame comes in five sizes from split king, king, queen, super single to single.

4. Floating Wall Shelves

Floating Wall Shelves

Floating wall shelves are a great bedroom storage solution. They free up floor space and may also help you visually expand your space. Besides storing small items, you can also use it to place small portable lights and one or two decorative items to spice up your bedroom.

5. Pants Rack

Pants Rack

Instead of having your pants take up space in the clothes rod of your closet, built a pants rack to store your pants. Not only do they give you extra space in your closet, it also keeps the creases out of your pants. Another alternative is to get a pants rack hanger. These hangers allow you to hang several pants together except they may be more difficult to access as you browse through your clothes while dressing.

6. Pegboard Organizer

Pegboard Organizer

Pegboards may look like an item for the workshop but they can also make for a chic bedroom storage solution too.

You can hang pegboards anywhere in your bedroom to store items from watches, bangles, handbags, scarves to photos in your room.

7. Stacking Suitcases To Make A Nightstand

Stacking Suitcases To Make A Nightstand

Not enough space in your bedroom for your old suitcases? Use them creatively by stacking them up to make a nightstand.

Moreover, these suitcases can also be used to keep extra items seldom used. These old suitcases also add a vintage decor and stylistic flair to your bedroom.

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June 08, 2021 — hue lai