7 Ways to Keep Your Bedroom Dust Free

Whether you are suffering from an allergy or not, it is always nice to live in a bedroom that is dust-free. It is impossible to have a total dust-free bedroom, but we can do our best to keep the dust away. It helps us breathe better and more freely These dust particles contain pollen, mold spores, dirt, dead skin cells, hair and fabric fibres. They also contain airborne pollutants such as chemicals, wood ash and others. These can cause asthma, allergies and other breathing problems. It is therefore important to reduce the amount of dust in our bedroom so that it does not compromise our health. Here are 7 ways to keep your bedroom free from dust.

How Do You Keep Your Room Dust Free?

1. If You Have A Pet

Pet hair and fur plus dead skin cells can be a major source of dust. Although we contribute to the dead skin cells lying around the furniture and floor, our pets can contribute even more hair or fur. The way to reduce this is to bathe and groom our pets regularly to keep dead skin and hair from accumulating. This also makes your pet feel better. Of course, we have to shower regularly as well.

2. Keep Your Windows Closed

We often open our windows so that fresh air can come in. However, this also increases the amount of dust in your home. Dust can enter through doors and windows in the form of pollen, mold spores and airborne pollutants. These can all create a buildup of dust and you can easily see it being accumulated on windowsills. Keeping the windows closed can reduce the amount of dust in your bedroom. If you prefer to leave them open, you can choose to shut them when you are out and open only when you are in the room.

3. Clean Your Bedding Regularly

Dead skin cells, skin oil and dirt accumulates on our bed. This attracts dust mites that feed off our dead skin cells and they can live inside the pillows, mattress and the comforter. The best way to reduce dust and dirt and dust mites is to wash your bedding regularly. Use mild detergents, and warm water to kill bacteria when washing.

4. Use Water To Clean

Water does wonders in cleaning out dust. Mop your floor regularly and this will ensure an elimination of 90 percent of dust in your room. You can use just plain water for cleaning if you choose if you worry about the chemicals in floor cleaners. You can also use a damp cloth to clean the furniture in your bedroom. Wash and rinse the cloth in a bucket of water so that the dust and dirt can be thrown away when you empty the bucket after cleaning.

5. Remove Carpeting

Carpets hold a lot of dust. Getting rid of carpeting in your bedroom helps reduce the amount of dust in your bedroom because every time you step on it, it releases dust into the air. Sounds scary? If you have a carpeted floor in your bedroom, you can consider redecorating and install a hard-surface flooring like wood, tile, stone or vinyl ro replace your carpeting. The benefits of having a hard surface floor is that it is easy to clean and you can easily use your mop to clean up dust collected on your floor.

6. Use Air Purifiers

One easy way to help reduce the amount of dust in your bedroom is to get an air purifier. They come in a variety of sizes and you can get portable single-room models or one that fits the whole house. They consist of a fan that circulates the air and a filter that captures dust and other pollutants.

7. Vacuum Regularly

A good vacuum is one of the arsenals used for cleaning up dust and dirt in the home. Do a thorough vacuum two to three times a week. Or even once a day if you suffer allergies. There are bagless models that come fitted with HEPA filters which helps to trap even smaller particles of dirt and help to freshen the air.

8. Make Your Bed Everyday



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June 07, 2021 — hue lai