7 Exercises To Do On Your Bed

It can be really difficult to get out of bed to hit the gym first thing in the morning. Also, to get to the gym requires you to wake up earlier. You need to dress up, get your fix of hot beverage and travel. All of these take precious time away from that extra rest in bed. Many Singaporeans suffer from back pain due to inactivity. The good news is, you can sleep in more by working out without getting out of your mattress! Here are 7 exercises to do on your bed.

What exercise can you do while lying in bed?

1. Single Leg Lift

Single Leg Lift

This exercise strengthens your abdomen and lower back muscles. However, your mattress needs to be on the firmer side so as not to injure your back. Lie on your back with your body straight. As you breathe in, lift your right leg up to 90 degree angle. Keep your leg up for three breaths. Then breathe out slowly and as you lower your leg down to its original position. Lower your leg according to the out-breath. Do this 5 times with your right leg and then with your left leg.

2. Leg Lift

Leg Lift

After doing single leg lifts, the next one to work on is to lift both legs. As you breathe in, slowly lift both legs. Again, breathe out slowly and lower your legs in the duration of your slow out-breaths. Do this 5 times. Although leg lifts are a super simple exercise, it is extremely effective to add strength and flexibility to your hips and lower back. This is especially important for those who sit at their desk for work most of the time.

3. Lateral Leg Lifts

Lateral Leg Lifts

Lie on the left side of your body. Bend your left elbow with your hand behind your back. Rest your head on your left elbow. Support your body and prevent it from falling forward by placing your right hand in front of your chest. As you breathe in, lift your right leg up. Lower your right leg as you breathe out. Repeat this 10 to 20 times as you like and then change sides to work on your left leg.

4. Plank


Plank helps you to strengthen your spine, rhomboids, trapezius and abdominal muscles. It also helps to align your bones and gives you strength in your core to hold a good posture. You can do the plank on your bed. Again, a firm mattress is preferred to a soft one. Lie in the prone position (stomach on bed). Lift your body up by supporting the front torso with your elbows resting on the mattress. Lift your knees and your toes. Use your abdominal muscles to keep your stomach from falling onto the mattress. You can stay for 1 to 3 minutes. As a beginner, you can try for 15 to 30 seconds and slowly increase the duration as you go along.

5. Glute Bridges

Glute Bridges

For total body tone and stretch, do the glutes bridge pose. This exercise strengthens the glutes and prevents hip problems as you age. Lie flat on your back with knees bent and feet flat on your mattress. Exhale and lift your butt and hips up while pressing your feet into the mattress. Inhale and slowly lower your hip back down. Repeat 10 to 20 times.

6. Happy Baby Pose

Happy Baby Pose

The happy baby pose is an exercise that focuses on flexibility, breathing and strength. It helps to improve balance and tone your muscles. To get into the pose, lie flat on your back. Then bend your knees towards your chest at a 90 degree angle. Face the soles of your feet toward the ceiling. Hold the posture for 2 to 5 minutes while breathing in and out through your abdomen.

7. Supine Spinal Twist

Supine Spinal Twist

The supine spinal twist is great for lengthening your spine, stretching the back muscles and glutes. Very relaxing pose to do as well for the end of your routine. Lie flat on your bed. Bend your knees and allow them to fall to the left side. Use your left hand to keep your right knee down and stretch your right arm out. Turn your head to look at your right hand. Stay for 2 to 5 minutes and then switch to the other side.


Getting The Right Mattress


Getting The Right Mattress


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March 01, 2021 — hue lai