5 Ways To Make Your Bedroom Romantic

Most of our romance takes place in the bedroom. Falling in love releases several hormones that increases our love for our other half. Serotonin gives us a view of our better half that gives us a feeling we have a special connection more than any other couple. While oxytocin, a ‘cuddle hormone’ deepens the feelings of attachment and of falling in love. Having the appropriate setting in your bedroom would help you deepen this sense of love towards your significant other. Here are 5 ways to make your bedroom romantic.

How do you decorate the bedroom romantically?

1. Setting Your Bed

Make the place where you cuddle with your other half inviting and alluring. The first thing to do would be to unclutter your bed. Place plumped up pillows on your bed. There is something about having plush pillows that invites the sexiness and “pillow talk” into the bedroom.


Setting Your Bed

Decorate your bed with deep, moody sensual colors such as Affairs Living’s Palais Suite TENCEL™ LF Duca Emerald Fitted Sheet Set.  Deep colours not only make a statement in the bedroom but it also brings in a sense of intimacy. The smooth velvety touch of TENCEL™ will increase the sense of comfort, closeness and sleep in bed.

2. Create Mood Lighting

Make sure not to turn on any harsh or fluorescent lights in your room (if your ceiling is fixed with a white light). Also, do not use any overhead lighting. Instead, suffuse your bedroom with warm lighting in standing lamps or bedside lighting. Warm lighting reminds the mind of dusk and the time to rest and relax. You can also light up candles such as tealights in safe holders to set the mood. Light scented candles are even better to enhance the romantic atmosphere in the room.

3. Display Evocative Art

Having abstract evocative artwork can also help bring romance to your bedroom. You can choose a black and white artwork to add to the deep colours and mood to the room, or choose something like Gustav Klimt’s “The Kiss” (above) to create a sense of sensual romance.

4. Layer Your Bed

Layer Your Bed

Pile on layers on your bed to increase a sense of deep comfort and relaxation. Not only is it inviting but it makes you not want to leave the bed. Try white colours if you have a white interior. White can channel the dreaminess of clouds and a sense of allure in the room. Romance is not limited to deep, dark and warm colours. Check out Hotelier Prestigio™ Supima Cotton Percale White Dove Earl Grey Hem Fitted Sheet Set to enhance the white alluring atmosphere in your room.

5. Sprinkling Your Bed With Rose Petals

An often tried decoration is to throw rose petals on your bed. If you can’t find roses, you can look for artificial petals or petal shaped confetti to do the trick. Scatter some of these petals on the floor leading to the bed that indicate romance and intent for a romantic night.


Taking the Romance Outside the Bedroom

Here in Singapore, is a vibrant history and diverse ethnic quarters to discover, along with many attractions and lovely public spaces that make visiting this slightly futuristic city worthwhile. While you can reserve a table at a fine restaurant or book tickets to the theatre, immersing yourself in the outdoors can be a wonderful bonding experience with your partner.

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February 23, 2021 — hue lai