Bed Buying Guide: How to Buy The Right Queen-Sized Bed

Considered to be one of the most popular mattress types in Singapore, queen beds allow two people to sleep comfortably with enough leg room. They are commonly found in larger-sized rooms like master bedrooms, with a standard dimension of 60 inches by 80 inches.

However, finding the right queen-sized bed can be a bit tricky. You might come across a wide variety of options and consider several factors like sleeping positions, frame sizes and your bedroom space.

How are you supposed to know you’re spending your hard earned money on something that matches your needs? To get you started, here are the factors to consider when buying queen beds:

Bedroom Size

To comfortably fit a queen-size bed, your bedroom should be at least ten by ten square feet in size. Make sure that you take enough time to measure the length and width of your room using a tape measure, pencil and paper. If the bedroom is smaller than the recommended size mentioned above, buying a queen bed may not be a good idea. It will take up all the extra space and make it hard to move around the room without hurting your toes.

Bed Frame Size

A typical queen bed frame size is between three and five inches wider than the mattress to give enough support for your mattress. Some bed frames you’ll find in Singapore may occupy too much of your space, especially since they come with features like sleigh beds, footboards or headboards, storage beds and heavy box springs, to name a few. If you think your bedroom space isn’t enough to accommodate this kind of bed frame, we suggest you go for a slim metal frame. You can also go for an evenly-spaced wood slat frame if you want something low-profile.



Getting a smaller mattress—a twin-size mattress, for example—might be the best choice if you’re sleeping alone on the bed. However, if you’re with your partner, children or pets, buying a queen bed is the right call. This gives you enough space to move around in your sleep. You can sleep in any position you want without worrying about hogging your partner’s share of the bed.


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