What to Know About Supima Cotton?

Supima cotton is touted as one of the best cotton in the world. Is it organic? Is it combed cotton? Is it long-staple cotton? Is it comparable to Egyptian cotton? There are a lot of questions as to what makes Supima cotton better than regular cotton. Here’s what to know about Supima cotton.

Types of Extra Long-Staple Cotton

Extra Long-Staple (ELS) cotton is derived from the Gossypium Barbadense species of cotton. This particular species is native to South America and makes up 8% of the world’s cotton. ELS cotton is popular for producing Pima, Egyptian and Supima cotton. Pima cotton is primarily grown in the USA while Egyptian cotton is grown from the Nile River Valley. Hot and dry climate is very suitable for growing cotton.

Supima cotton is often compared to Pima and Egyptian cotton - that’s because they are ELS cotton. However, 100% Egyptian cotton is quite costly and very often, any cotton grown in Egypt is labelled Egyptian cotton even if it is made of regular and not ELS cotton. Pima cotton has also often been blended with other types of cotton blend but mislabeled to increase sales for retailers. Supima cotton on the other hand, is 100% American grown Pima cotton. It is also grown in a desert climate in Arizona or Texas. Supima cotton, unlike Pima or Egyptian cotton, has been certified by the American Supima Association (ASA). The association consists of a group of textile manufacturers and farmers to retain the credibility of their fabric and yarn.

Benefits of Supima Cotton

ELS cotton as the name suggests is well-known for its long fibers. Long fibers make the yarn stronger and thus more durable. It also gives the fabric a lightweight feel. This is what makes Supima cotton popular amongst consumers. It is also more affordable than Eqyptian cotton.

The long fine fibers not only make Supima cotton more durable than regular ones, but it also gives the fabric a silky feel. The softness and silky feel gives Supima cotton a lustrous look and super comfortable for clothing and as a bed sheet to sleep in. Another fantastic benefit to long cotton fiber is that it does not require chemical dyes to retain colour. Regular short cotton fibers usually need chemicals for colour retention. In comparison, Supima cotton does not grow dull as compared to regular cotton with shorter and smaller fiber lengths.

Is Supima Cotton Organic?

One of the biggest questions is, despite all the benefits of Supima cotton versus regular cotton plus its affordability, is Supima cotton organic? Supima cotton is grown using an environmentally friendly process. As growers seek certification from the ASA, they need to adhere to strict agricultural standards to grow Supima. Although most Supima cotton are not labeled organic, it is in fact organically grown. One reason is for manufacturers to be certified organic, they need to be approved by the USDA and it can cost a lot of money for the certification. Many small companies cannot afford the cost for certification, but it does not mean they do not meet the agricultural standards required to produce Supima cotton.

Where to Get Supima Cotton Bedding?

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