How to Buy the Best Bath Towels

When we go shopping for bath towels, we usually pick the softest and most fluffy one based on our budget. But there are some things you can look out for when picking bath towels. Here’s how to buy the best bath towels.

What Makes a Good Bath Towel?

Picking good bath towels is not a complicated process. But there are tips to seeing if a bath towel is great or not. The fluffiest towel is not always the best one and might not even hold up after a few uses. If you put a little time and energy into doing your research you will be able to find a high-quality bath towel that is within your budget. When you find that towel that is both fluffy and absorbent, the effort you put into finding that best towel will be worth your time and energy.

1. Check the Material

The first thing to start with is to check with what fabric material the bath towel is made of. If the towel is made of combed cotton, you will find the fabric is softer and quite durable as the cotton is brushed to remove short fibres. Ring spun cotton are made of long and short fibres which are tightly twisted, making the towel loops strong and smooth. If you want an incredibly fluffy towel, look for plush Egyptian cotton or Bamboo. Pima and Egyptian cotton are softer than regular cotton as they are “long staple”. Long staple cotton are softer and have a longer lifespan than regular cotton.

2. Weight of the Bath Towel

Thicker and heavier towels tend to have more softness and absorbency. To know the weight of a towel you need to check its grams per square meter or GSM. The higher the GSM of a towel, the better performance you can expect of it. A towel with a GSM of 500 or more should suffice. For anyone looking for a softer or more absorbent towel can search for a towel with a higher GSM.

3. Inspect the Towel Visually

Sometimes manufacturers add coating to the towels as finishes so that it makes them feel softer. These coatings come off after a wash. Just feeling the towel as the only criteria for purchase is thus not reliable. Rather, check that the edges of the towel are neatly folded and secured with a close. A secure stitching is a sign of good craftsmanship. It prevents the towel from fraying and help to make the towel last longer.

4. Size of the Towel

A standard towel of 76 x 142 cm or 30 x 50 inch is big enough for a quicky dry-off. Those who are taller or larger in size, or enjoying walking with a towel wrapped around the body or waste might want something bigger and warner. A towel measuring 83 x 177 cm or 33 x 70 inch can provide a cosier experience.

5. Density of the Towel

Look out for towels with bulky, textured or tightly woven loops. Dense towels create greater absorbency. If you are buying from a store, you can check the density of the towel. Check the towel carefully, see the innermost layer or its base that it is tightly woven. After you have picked the towel you want to purchase, find out how you can care for your towels to keep it soft and fluffy.


Density of the Towel

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