How to Care For Your Latex Mattress?

Our mattresses stay with us for a long time like our other big furniture pieces such as the dining table, sofa to TV consoles. Despite us having a regular cleaning schedule of our home furniture, we usually do not have a regular maintenance schedule for our bed mattress. Considering that we spent a considerable amount of time lying on our latex mattress, we may not know how to care for it to make it last longer. After all, a good night’s sleep determines our quality of work in the day, especially hot and humid weather in Singapore. So in this post, we will share how you can care for your latex mattress.

What to Protect For Your Latex Mattress?

1. Get A Mattress Protector

Just like protecting your pillow with a pillow protector and a pillow case, you should think about caring for your latex mattress in the same way. A mattress protector protects your sleep surface from bed bugs, dust mites and bacteria. It also helps to prevent your mattress from getting accidental stains from unintentional liquid spills. Having a mattress protector that is easy for you to wash frequently, ensures you get a clean surface to sleep on and reduces the frequency you need to clean your mattress.

Our Hotelier Prestigio™ Waterproof Fitted Mattress Protector is waterproof, breathable, hypoallergenic and coated with dust-mite guard.

Hotelier Prestigio™ Waterproof Fitted Mattress Protector















Hotelier Prestigio™ Waterproof Fitted Mattress Protector

2. Removing Stains

In case you do accidentally stain your latex mattress, you can use this method to clean off the stain quickly. Some latex mattresses include covers that allow you to remove and launder.

If not, use mild detergents for cleaning your latex mattress. Latex is a natural rubber and liquid stains could contribute to breaking down the composition of your mattress if you allow it to set in. Light innocuous stains can be easily cleaned with some water.

Tough stains would require mild detergent or a few drops of dishwashing liquid mixed with water. Create foam bubbles with your hands before dipping a piece of clean cloth into the soapy water and squeeze to remove excess water. Then spot clean the mattress with the cloth by wiping the stained area firmly. Dampen another soft cotton cloth under warm water and remove excess liquid from the cloth before wiping the soapy solution from the mattress.

Allow the latex mattress to air and dry completely before placing your mattress protector on top of it.

3. Clean Your Latex Mattress with Vacuum

All types of mattresses are able to collect dust, dust mites as well as bacteria. They have the potential of getting inside your mattress if you do not care for it. The most effective way of keeping allergens off your mattress is to use a handheld vacuum or vacuum to clean your surface. It is recommended you vacuum once every three months.

    MattX™ Mattress

    Our MattX™ Latex Memory Foam Mattress is a hybrid mattress providing a TENCEL™ knitted cover that is moisture absorbent and removable for washing. The memory form used is able to absorb movement and the mattress comes with anti-slip bottom non-woven fabric with a zip removable cover.

    Caring for a latex mattress isn't complicated but does require planning. For more information on prolonging the life of your latex mattress, or simply getting the best sleep ever, you can talk to us or test it and feel it yourself at our Showroom.


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    August 31, 2020 — Adela Teo