3 Tips to Choosing A Good Pillow

We spend a third of lives asleep. Our bed and the accessories on it can be considered a home in itself in which we spend a good amount of time on. One of the most important accessories on the bed is the pillow as it can determine if we wake up with a stiff neck or a pleasant night’s rest.

Therefore, it is important to know what to look out for when you are shopping for a pillow.

What is Your Usual Sleeping Position?

How you sleep helps to determine the type of pillow you can look out for. Most of us sleep on our sides. To get a clue to what your most common sleep position, check your position when you wake up.

For side sleepers, you need to prioritize getting a pillow that supports the head, shoulder, neck and ear comfortably. There is a greater distance between the head and the mattress if you are a side sleeper and this would mean your head might sink lower towards your shoulder causing an unnatural alignment to your neck if your pillow is thin. To prevent this misalignment, opt for a thick pillow to fill the gap between the shoulder and ear to attain a neutral position. The broader your shoulders, the higher loft you would need to fill the gap.

Choose a pillow’s loft by using the length of your shoulder as a gauge. Personal preference comes in when you decide on whether you prefer a firm or a slighter soft pillow. Side sleepers would need to place a pillow or bolster between the knees to maintain spinal alignment as you sleep.

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 Hotelier Prestigio™ Micro Fiber Bolster

Hotelier Prestigio™ Micro Fiber Bolster

Choose a pillow’s loft by using the length of your shoulder as a gauge. Personal preference comes in when you decide on whether you prefer a firm or a slighter soft pillow. Side sleepers would need to place a pillow or bolster between the knees to maintain spinal alignment as you sleep.

If you are a front sleeper, meaning you lie on your stomach to sleep, it might be a good idea to buy a very thin pillow or sleep without a pillow as this position causes stress to the lower back.

Those who sleep on the back also can consider thinner pillows which help to reduce the amount of stress on the neck. However, choosing pillows for those sleeping on the back might be an art, as pillow that is too high or low both causes stress to the neck. You might want to get a pillow with an extra loft in the bottom third of the pillow like modern form pillows that supports your neck while allowing your head to rest in a normal position. Memory foam pillows in addition will mold to the shape of your neck and head.

Filler Material

There are many types of filler material in the pillow from polyfill to foam, down and feather blends, buckwheat to cotton. Polyfill is a synthetic polyester fibre which do not crush easily and are almost always machine washable and dryable. This makes them a great choice for long-lasting use. It is also a popular choice as a mix with other materials.

Foam such as polyfoam, latex foam and memory foam are versatile and provide good foundation. It is also often mixed with other materials though memory and latex forms are flexible for their contouring. Buckwheat also provides a firm and contouring sleep surface with its hulls providing support and pressure point comfort. It is popular in Asia for neck pain relief.

Down and feather blends are traditional fillers and provides a soft feel. They are malleable and breathable and easy to care for in machine wash and dry. Cotton is the most widely used material that is natural, breathable ad also affordable.

The materials can help you decide the level of softness and support you want your pillow to have, and most importantly, pick a material that is hypoallergenic if you suffer from allergies.

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Pillow Size

There is also an art to choosing the size of a pillow. To decide on which size to go for, consider the size of your bed and how many pillows you intend to place on the mattress. Too many pillows are a bad idea as they may obstruct you in sleep. Pillow sizes range from toddler to king and body sized pillows and the most common ones are the standard and queen sizes. Based on your preference, you may like a big pillow on a small bed so you can save on buying more pillows. Also, an oversized pillow provides comfort and security as well. It really depends on your needs.

Lastly, the loft of a pillow refers to its height when laid on a soft surface. But this is deceiving as a pillow could seem to have a high loft only to sink when weight is applied to it.

Now that you know the ins and outs of choosing a good pillow, have fun shopping for one. Check out our range of bedding accessories at Affairs Living Singapore.

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August 25, 2020 — Adela Teo