Colours To Avoid Using In Your Bedroom

We are all concerned with the shape and size of the pillow and the materials that make the mattress in order to provide ourselves with a comfortable night’s rest. But there are other conditions that play a role in providing you with a good night’s sleep.

As much as your bed is critical for sleep comfort, a much neglected component is the colour of our bedroom. Colours have an effect on our psychology. It can bring calm and relaxation or anger and anxiety. Knowing how to surround yourselves with the right colours can bring calm to your mind quickly. In this post, we share what colours to avoid using in your bedroom to help you sleep better.

What Colours Should You Not Paint Your Bedroom?

1. Dark Purple

Purple has been associated with power, creativity and luxury. But the vividness of purple and its ability to induce creativity, it can also promote dreams or even nightmares in your sleep, thus resulting in your feeling tired in the morning. With this in mind, it is best to keep the colour purple out of your bedroom.

2. Red

Red is a bold and energizing colour used a lot for kitchens, and sometimes even for the bedroom. The reason it is used as a bedroom colour is the fact that red also represents passion and love. But red is also the colour for war and power. The colour is one of the most powerful colours in the colour spectrum. However, it can provoke the feelings of aggression or anger. Due to the immensity of its intensity, red is not recommended as a colour for the bedroom if you are seeking calm and relaxation at the end of the day.

3. Dark Brown

A study of bedroom colours in a Travelodge study found that people who slept in brown coloured rooms slept an average of six hours and five minutes a night. This is the second worst amount of sleep right behind purple. Lighter shades of brown can help promote sleep but its dark counterpart can give you a sense of dreariness causing you to feel dull or anxious, affecting your sleep.

4. Black

Black is seldom used as an entire colour for anyone’s bedroom walls. But even using it partially is not recommended. Black traditionally is associated with isolation, fear, sadness and also death. Due to its propensity to evoke negative feelings, it is definitely not a colour to be used in the bedroom. Although black can be used sparingly to decorate other parts of your home.

5. Orange

Orange is a strong colour and has the same effect as the colour red. After all, orange is created by mixing yellow and red. Orange reminds one of sunlight. It makes you feel energetic and awake, promoting a feeling of action and excitement. While bright orange sparks energy, light orange hues can bring about happiness. Avoid colouring your bedroom with orange since we're staying in the hot climate Singapore. Instead, add hints of light orange as part of your bedroom decor as muted orange colours can evoke a sense of happiness.



Colours To Avoid Using In Your Bedroom - Orange

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June 21, 2021 — hue lai