Choose the Best Bed for Good Feng Shui

Your bed is the key feature of your bedroom for Singaporean. Its importance cannot be stated enough since the bed is where you spend eight hours or more a day to rest and relax. Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese practice of placement to enhance the energy flow in home spaces including your bedroom. However, positioning your bed according to feng shui to enhance energy flow is too limited. You can also choose the best bed for good feng shui.

How should I arrange my bedroom for good energy?

Material and Style of the Bed

The first thing to determine which bed to purchase is the size of it. If you are sleeping alone, you would want to go for a super single or a single bed, depending on the size of your bedroom. If you are getting a bed for you and your spouse, you can consider a queen or king size bed. The size of the bed is highly dependent on the available space you want in your bedroom.

However, there are many types of styles and materials that come with choosing a bed. The bed materials, bed construction, headboard and hardware might make it hard for you to decide which bed to purchase.

Feng shui helps you make the decision easily in getting your perfect bed. The best material for any bed according to feng shui is wood. It is also recommended that you choose a bed with space underneath so that energy can flow. A storage bed and very low beds do not provide good feng shui because they do not allow energy flow.

Headboard for Your Bed

Getting a good headboard for your bed is essential for good feng shui. The best material is one which is made from wood or the upholstered ones as they have a very good combination of solid wood. Having a headboard on your bed gives you gentle support in energy terms according to feng shui.

There are types of headboards to avoid. Avoid having iron bars for your headboard unless you want to feel as if you are in imprisonment. Even if the headboard is made of wood, avoid it because the bars are like holes for energy to flow past you instead of staying with you.

Avoid a platform bed because it comes without a headboard. A headboard on your bed gives you a sense of stability and helps collect potential energy around you while you sleep.

Colours and Mattress

There are many different types of mattress in the market from memory foam to latex and hybrid mattresses. Choose the one that suits your comfort level the best by trying it out at the showroom. However, do not purchase a second-hand mattress as this is bad feng shui. The best colour to use for bed linen are the beige ones or those so-called skin colour bed sheets. You can easily mix and match other colours with your quilt and pillowcases to liven up your bed.

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April 12, 2021 — hue lai