Best and Worst Bedroom Colours for Sleep

Sleep is important not merely because our bodies get exhausted. Sleep is when our organs repairs themselves, and re-energises itself for the next day. Besides the body, sleep is also important for the mind. Imagine not having a rest for the mind, which we use daily for thinking and for completing tasks. Even though the mind still thinks in the context of dreams while asleep, there are periods where there is rest.

In order to create the mood for rest, the colours in our bedrooms can affect the quality and quantity of time for sleep. According to the research, eight in 10 people in the Singapore struggle to get a good night's sleep, and that could be because of paint choices. We share some of the best and worst bedroom colours for sleep. Read this before you paint your bedroom walls!

The Psychology of Colours

Colours work like magic for our minds. Every sales and marketing guru knows how colours have an effect on our moods. Some studies have shown that the colour red increases our heart rate and adrenaline flow. Different colours create a particular mood and cause us to behave differently. Just like a bull who would run headlong into a red cape.

Colours affect the taste we have for foods. Have you seen many restaurants coloured in purple or brown? Most restaurants are painted in warm colours to reflect the warmth that accompanies the food. Red goes with food as it excites us and increases our appetite. The same colour psychology applies to the bedroom. Here are the best colours to paint your bedroom for sleep.\

What Bedroom Colours is Best for Sleeping?

The Best Colours for Sleep



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Blue is the best colour for sleep! It creates a calm mood and being calm helps us to rest and sleep. What’s more, our eyes have special receptors in the retinas known as ganglion cells and they make the brain especially receptive to blue.

Yellow is the second best colour to have in your bedroom to help you sleep. Yellow creates a sense of happiness and cheeriness. Based on a Travelodge study, guests who sleep in a blue coloured room slept for 7 hours and 52 minutes. Those in the yellow coloured rooms slept for 7 hours and 40 minutes.

The third colour that helps participants sleep for 7 hours and 36 minutes is green. Green reminds us of the peacefulness of nature. Participants reported waking up upbeat and feeling positive waking up in a green coloured bedroom.

The Worst Colours for Sleep

From the best colours for sleep we now look at its opposite - the worst bedroom colours for sleep. Participants who slept in rooms with these colours had less than 7 hours of sleep.

The worst colour for sleep is the colour purple. Guests only slept for 5 hours and 56 minutes in a purple coloured bedroom. That is because psychologically, purple is mentally stimulating. It helps us with our creativity - which is great for use during the day, but not at night as it can produce vivid dreams while we sleep.

Last but not least, the next colour to avoid in a bedroom is the colour red. Yes, this is an obvious one, but you might have thought that red would have taken the top prize for being the worst colour for sleep but it isn’t. Red represents passion and can increase our blood pressure. This is definitely not something you want to see before going to bed.

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April 13, 2021 — hue lai