Are You Considering an Adjustable Bed Base?

Adjustable beds were used to be seen as a type of bed for hospitals and care homes but in recent years have seen a surge in popularity. Although most people still choose normal bed bases, but more people are starting to consider buying adjustable bed base in Singapore nowadays. 

What is an Adjustable Bed?

A standard modern adjustable bed is a bed consisting of a combination of three-part adjustable bases that can be independently lowered and raised at will. It was originally developed in the early twentieth century and used in healthcare institutes because of its ability to enhance the oxygen and blood flow of patients while recovering from ailments or surgeries.

By the middle of the twentieth century, manufacturers began to catch on to the fact that the same comfort and convenience could be extended to healthy consumers living in their homes. Thus, the present day adjustable bed came into being, and in its current state, it is a highly luxurious commodity with models geared towards a diverse range of consumer segments.


  • Better pain relief and recovery.
  • Better chance of achieving a comfortable resting position.
  • Allows sitting or leaning in a more convenient, relaxed manner.
  • Split options let you relax independently from your partner.
  • Modern options have amenities such as USB ports and massagers.


  • Expensive than normal bed base.
  • Moving parts might chance of breakdown if handled improperly.

What are the Benefits of Getting an Adjustable Bed?

Since this was the first use these beds saw, it is only fair to discuss the health benefits first. Lying on a regular bed, especially if you have to do it for extended periods of time (e.g. if you’re sick or injured), can lead to a whole host of issues – including swelling on your legs and feet, acid reflux, back pain or soreness, pressure ulcers, and sluggish healing.

Let's watching our special features of adjustable bed base with mattress

This is because your circulation and respiration become less than ideal if you’re lying flat on your back, and your bones begin to put stress on your flesh in the same spots. An adjustable bed lets you modify your oxygen intake and blood flow by inclining its segments so that you’re technically not lying parallel to the floor.

This changes the way gravity acts on your body, and by extension, the way the various parts of your body are supported, and how oxygen-rich blood is supplied to your vital organs.

Examples include the Fowler’s position which is used by healthcare experts to improve breathing and aid healing after surgeries, and the ‘Zero Gravity’ position where your head is partly elevated, and your feet are raised higher than your heart resulting in considerable reduction in back pain and boosted blood flow.

Comfort and Convenience Benefits

Getting out of bed, so you can grab a quick bite or watch your favorite TV show in the lounge can seem like a chore at times – with an adjustable bed, you can do all this from the comfort of your bedroom as you can adjust the positions of its platforms to make you sit upright, lean slightly, and so on.

King size adjustable beds are available as split variants where one half of the bed can be operated separately from the other. This gives you the freedom to customize your sleeping experience without having to compromise with your partner.

Should I Get an Adjustable Bed?

Does your budget allow it?

If you’ve got a legitimate health concern like chronic back pain or an injury that compels you to stay in bed for extended periods of time, an adjustable bed will be a wise decision if your budget allows it. If not, you could always combine a regular bed with a decent pain relieving mattress to get similar (naturally, not identical) results.

Getting an adjustable bed simply for luxury is a purely discretionary matter and, again, is largely dependent on affordability.

Is your mattress compatible with it?

Those who own a mattress made from latex or memory foam should be fine, though, since these materials are designed to be adaptable and are quite durable if made from the right density.

You’ll need a spare power connection to make it work (probably)

Most modern beds use electrical motors to achieve the motion that adjusts the positions of their platforms – these motors usually run on your main electricity so make sure you’ve got a spare wall socket handy for this purpose.

The all new Alya™ Adjustable Bed Base with Ai Function comes in 5 available positions that can be changed with the touch of a button with the accompanying remote control & Bluetooth App control. To top it all up, it comes with 15 whisper quiet massage modes to massage your head, back and foot so you can drift off to dreamland comfortably.

To put it in a nutshell, adjustable beds are better for health, luxurious, convenient, and do bring several potential health benefits. Now, you can enjoy the benefits of a bed that can be adjusted for your therapeutic and lifestyle needs with Alya™ Adjustable Bed Base.

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