6 Benefits of Having A Mattress Topper

Many people continue to sleep on beds that are too firm, too soft, or too hot because they don’t want to have to splurge on a whole new mattress. If you can’t get comfortable enough to sleep through the night, you’re not alone.  But you should know that you can start sleeping more comfortably simply by using a mattress topper. Mattress topper benefits are plenty, and you’ll see a big change in the quality of your sleep as soon as you try one.

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The best thing about mattress toppers is that they improve the bed you already have. Here are the top mattress topper benefits:

1. Protects: Mattresses can harbor lots of germs. If you’ve been sick in bed or even sweated in bed, the bacteria go right through your sheets and settle into your mattress. A mattress topper that’s moisture-resistant, antibacterial, and hypoallergenic can protect your mattress and reduce allergy and asthma symptoms often caused by breathing in mold and other harmful micro-organisms in bed.

2. Cools: While your memory foam mattress may have felt comfy at first, you’ve probably realized by now that it retains body heat. The best mattress toppers are made of breathable wool that wicks moisture away from the body and is topped with a cooling gel that keeps you from getting so hot.

3. Comforts: One of the main benefits of a mattress topper is that it can turn a bed that’s too firm into plush, comforting bliss. You can feel like you’re sleeping on a brand new bed without having to spend thousands of dollars.

4. Memory Foam mattress toppers reduce pressure: Only waterbeds up to this point have received as many endorsements from chiropractors and doctors for the pressure relief. However there is no motion with a memory foam and it is being used in variety of applications throughout the world including shoes, chairs, and of course mattresses toppers.

5. Health Benefits: Sleeping on memory foam benefits your health, mind and body in so many ways:

Full body support as the foam moulds to your curves

Well-aligned spine and supported lumbar region

Healthy blood circulation

Reduced swelling and joint pain

Pressure-relief on hips, shoulders, knees and ankles

6. Variety of Choice: Just like a memory foam mattresses, mattress toppers come in a variety of size and firmness. The size of the memory foam fits King, Queen, Super single and Single size, and the firmness comes with 5.5 and 7.5 to choose.

Do Mattress Toppers Help Back Pain?

Absolutely. Sleeping on a mattress that’s too firm puts too much pressure on the back, causing pain. Since your spine has a natural curvature, the best way to relieve pressure is to allow the spine to fall into neutral alignment. A mattress topper can help back pain by providing pressure-relieving cushioning in the hip and shoulder areas while still supplying enough support, so the body doesn’t sag.

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September 24, 2019 — Adela Teo