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Awaken Refreshed, Sleep Reimagined
Introducing the MattX Memory Foam Pillow, a harmonious blend of cutting-edge memory foam technology, natural ingredients, and hypo-allergenic excellence, creating a haven of comfort and health-conscious luxury for your sleep.


Key Features:
1.Memory Foam Comfort: 
Experience a new level of comfort with our premium memory foam core that contours to the shape of your head and neck, providing natural support for a restful night's sleep.

2.Hypo-allergenic Bliss: 
Say goodbye to allergy concerns. The MattX Memory Foam Pillow is hypo-allergenic, making it the perfect choice for allergy sufferers seeking a clean and healthy sleep environment.

3.Perfect Dimensions: 
This pillow strikes the ideal balance between support and comfort. It's not too high, not too low - just perfect for a rejuvenating sleep experience.

4.TENCEL Knitted Cover: 
The MattX Memory Foam Pillow comes wrapped in a luxurious TENCEL knitted cover that not only adds an extra layer of softness but also enhances breathability, ensuring you stay cool throughout the night.


1.Deep, Restful Sleep: The memory foam core ensures proper alignment, reducing pressure points and promoting a deep, restful sleep.

2.Health-Focused Design: Hypo-allergenic properties make this pillow a smart choice for those with allergies, providing a clean and healthy sleep environment.

3.Customized Comfort: The dimensionally perfect size, combined with the memory foam, offers personalized comfort, catering to your unique sleep preferences.

4.Luxurious Feel: The TENCEL knitted cover adds a touch of luxury, making the MattX Memory Foam Pillow a stylish addition to any bedroom.


Product Size: 60x40x9/11cm

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