Cotton Bed Sheet Vs Tencel Bed Sheet

Confused? Whether you should buy a Tencel bed sheet or cotton bed sheet for a comfortable and healthy sleep? Congratulations because you have landed to the right page. I bring a detailed comparison of the different type of bed sheets for you. This will helps you to buy the best sheets for the bedding. Especially if you are living in Singapore, we have some special bedding Singapore offers for you at the end of the article.

Buying a bed sheet is defiantly a difficult task especially when you have more than one option available and it is difficult to see the difference between them. For example the cotton sheets and Tencel bed sheets. To understand which will suits you more in term of comfortable sleep and thus your health, we need to first understand the main difference between both of them and also their pros and cons.

What is a Tencel bed sheet?

Tencel is not just a name of fabric but it is also a brand owned by Lenzing Fibers. Cellulose from wood has been used to make this fabric. As compare to cotton, it is still a fairly new type of fabric in the world of bed sheet market. If you search for "bedsheet Singapore" you will see a very limited number of the store who is selling this fancy and comfortable type of sheets for the bedding.

What is a cotton bed sheet?

Cotton is a fiber which has been grown over the plant of fiber. It is fluffy and soft. The history of cotton and its fabric is at least 7000 years old. It is the most common form of fabric which has been used in all type of fabric production. In the world of bed sheet market, the cotton is known as the bed sheet gold standard.

Comparison between Tencel and cotton

To understand the difference between both types of bed sheet, we need to breakdown their qualities in subcategories like comfort, durability, maintenance, cost, health, and environment-friendly aspects etc.

Comfort: The quality of a fabric can be judged on the basis of its comfort level. As compare to cotton, the Tencel bed sheets are more silky, smooth and soft. On other hands, the cotton is not less soft, silky and light in the weight. Cotton also does not feel rough on the skin. Cotton also becomes softer with the passage of time, the more you wash the smoother it is.

Material: Both types of bed sheets have been made from the plant. The cotton itself is very fluffy and light in the weight due to excess use of water over the crop of the cotton. Tencel has a long-lasting quality, recyclable and eco-friendly and made from eucalyptus trees.

Durability: Cotton has more life as compare to Tencel. It can last up to fifty years. Both types of bed sheets are durable but Tencel is less wrinkly than cotton. Cotton may not look very impressive in the durability at the start but with the time, its quality improves. Tencel shrinks less or misshape in the wash.

Washability: Tencel and cotton; both are very easy to clean and required almost no maintenance. Cotton does not require any delicate cleaning and also gets better over the time.

Breathability: In this session, the cotton and Tencel has also most same characteristics. They go well in all seasons. Whether it’s hot or cold, the cotton and Tencel provide comfortable feelings by staying warm in cold and cool when it’s hot outside.

Price: Tencel is still new and bit hard to find some time. Its demand and less supply make it expensive as compare to cotton bed sheets.

Which one is better?

We could not answer this question as both Tencel and cotton comes with benefits and a few drawbacks. So we left this on your to decide that which makes it more comfortable and healthy bedding for you.




Latex Mattress vs. Memory Foam Mattress vs. Pocketed Spring Mattress

What are the most important things you thought about when you are deciding to purchase a mattress for your bed? Most probably the comfort, health, and durability. Today in Singapore, we have so many different types of mattress available in the market which, sometimes, make difficult for us to decide that which one is better. While there are many popular types of the mattress for beds available but here we will discuss the most popular types like hybrid latex and memory foam mattress. This information will help you to choose the most comfortable mattress.

Latex Mattress Singapore:

Latex mattress also is known as the natural mattress because of the way they have been made. Latex is the liquid sap of the rubber tree. This sap has been processed into big blocks to turn them into the comfortable foam. Therefore, this type of mattress for bedding is the most natural mattress available in the market. Some people support the idea of using the sap of the rubber tree where other believes that it is not a good idea to get comfortable for you by erasing nature.

Pros of latex mattress:

  • Extremely comfortable
  • Totally natural product
  • Promotes pain relief
  • Natural resistance to mold
  • Natural resistance to dust
  • Natural spine alignment
  • No chemicals are added
  • Natural density and viscosity.

Cons of latex mattress:

  • Heavy in the weight
  • It is expensive.

If you have a good budget and weight not a real problem for you then latex mattress is a great option for you. Its deliver a stellar quality of performance.

Memory Foam Singapore:

The memory foam mattress is the most popular type of mattress. These mattresses are not just cheap in price, but they shape themselves according to the body of the sleeper and provide a comfortable sleep. The memory foam itself is not enough to make a mattress, that's why there has been a layer of high-density polyurethane foam, has been added. This actually increases the level of comfort. There have been other chemicals also added for velocity and density. Therefore a memory foam mattress is known as a synthetic product.

Pros of memory foam mattress:

  • Soft, comfortable and enveloping feel
  • Shaping itself according to the body
  • Reduces pressure on the spine
  • Isolates motion respond to heat
  • No creaks and squeaks
  • It is a hypoallergenic mattress
  • It is also dust mite-resistant.

Cons of memory foam mattress:

  • Its tend to get hot in summer
  • Initial chemical odor.

The memory foam mattress is cheap in price and comfortable in all four seasons. It is easy to move, easy to clean and required almost no maintenance.

Pocketed spring mattress:

The pocketed spring mattress is cheap in price, more durable and provide excellent comfortable when purchased from the right place. They have been made from different type of material including metallic spring, wires, and foam. The purpose of including all of them is to provide a tension-free sleep to the consumer. The doctor suggests the spring mattress in many cases like back pain relief and reduces pressure on the spine etc.

Pros of pocketed spring mattress:

  • Available in planned budget
  • Inexpensive type of mattress
  • Reactive feel and springy
  • Offer conforming varieties of support
  • Better in durability
  • Reduce chronic back pain
  • Also proven to reduce neck pain
  • Last up to 15 years.

Cons of pocketed spring mattress:

  • Loss of support and will start to sink in the middle for some low grade coil 

That’s it; we hope that the above information will help you to decide that which type of mattress is best for you. Every type has its own advantages and drawbacks but at least this information will help you to know that what exactly you will