What to Know Before Buying Bed Frames?

We spend a lot of time thinking about how to dress up our bed from the colours to the fabric. Whether to get shams and bed runners to decorate our bed. One of the bed items we pay the least attention to is the bed frame. To help you pick the right bed frame for your needs, here some things to know before buying bed frames.

Which Size to Choose?

The most obvious thing that comes to choosing a bed frame is its size. Though the height plays a part too as it determines how you can get on and off the bed. Bed frames are supposed to fit the different standard mattress sizes found in Singapore. Supposed to fit because some customers may import their mattresses from overseas and the sizes may be different from the bed frames purchased in Singapore.

There are four standard mattress sizes:-

Mattress Size Measurement
King W183cm by L190cm
Queen W152cm by L190cm
Super Single W107cm by L190cm
Single W91cm by L190cm


The MattX™ Mattress, which is a hybrid of Latex and Memory Foam, also come in Split King size (a combination of 2 single size mattresses).

Headboard and Support

There are bed frames that come without a headboard as you can lean against the wall and use it as a backdrop. A headboard may seem unnecessary for those aiming for a simple minimalist look. But there are advantages to having a headboard as it can offer a softer and better support for you when you are reading or watching TV.
You would also want to find a bed frame that is able to provide enough support that the mattress doesn’t slip out of position when you get on and off the mattress. You would want to choose bed frames with blunted corners so save yourself from accidental knocks.

Style of Bed Frame

There are different styles of bed frames you can choose from depending on your needs and preferences.


Platform bed frames

Platform bed frames are simple, low raised with slatted wood. They may come legless, slightly raised from the ground or have small legs with a flat solid or slatted surface. Being close to the ground, platform beds are stable and perfectly suited for memory foam and latex mattresses.


Four-Poster bed frames

Four-Poster bed frames are a little less common in Singapore. Also known as canopy beds, these are usually decorative and feature fabric draped over the top and on all sides. Four-poster bed frames also give a sense of drama and privacy.


Storage beds

Storage beds are gaining popularity because they can help save space. Storage beds are really efficient because you can keep extra items in the in-built storage, whether it is sliding drawers or lifting your bed up vertically with hydraulic arms.


divan beds

Similar to storage beds are divan beds. Divan beds are made of a wooden base where it is surrounded by fabric, including the headboard. It usually comes with storage and also a matching mattress.


wooden bed frame

One of the most common bed frames is the wooden bed frame. These are made from teakwood, oak, rubberwood or MDF (medium-density fibreboard).

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December 22, 2020 — hue lai