What Is A Wall-Hugger Adjustable Bed Base?

An adjustable bed base not only provides comfort in sleep but is also beneficial in relieving back aches, arthritis, heartburn, snoring, acid reflux and more. It allows you to lift your head and legs for a healthier and comfortable sleep posture. But there are more that an adjustable bed base can provide other than health benefits. Some adjustable bed base comes with wall-hugger features as well. What is a wall-hugger adjustable bed base?

Features of A Wall-Hugger Adjustable Bed Base

An adjustable bed with wall-hugger technology comes with the capabilities of raising and lowering your head and legs and motor that powers the base. The wall-hugger feature that comes along with an adjustable bed slides your mattress back towards the wall as you raise and lower your head.

A traditional adjustable bed base in contrast, raises your back up. But it also moves your body forward moving you away from your nightstand or whatever is next to your bed.

Benefits of A Wall-Hugger Adjustable Bed Base

We don’t just fall asleep on our beds. Before bedtime, we may chill out on our bed and have a snack, watch a TV show or read. The snacks, books and whatever we need to help us fall asleep every night is placed on our nightstand. Imagine having your entire body move away from your nightstand every time you raise your adjustable bed base. It means you have to reach back or even move out of your bed a little to get your stuff.

Adjustable bed base with wall-hugger capability provides the accessibility you need. When you raise your head, the bed base slides back towards the wall to maintain the same position where your body was at. This allows you to grab whatever you need from your nightstand.

Many adjustable bed bases come with wireless remote controls as well. If you place your remote control on the nightstand, you may not be able to reach it when you raise the bed base and get moved out of position. Having to get out of the bed to grab the remote control can be annoying.

The purpose of having a wall-hugging adjustable bed base is so you can keep close to your nightstand regardless of whether you raise or lower your mattress. This is exceptionally beneficial for the elderly, who use the adjustable bed for various health purposes. Most importantly, it prevents the elderly from needing to stretch back and prevent falling off the bed if s/he needs to reach for something on the nightstand.

Ideal Features For Wall-Hugger Adjustable Bed

Some adjustable bed frames can be noisy or move in an unsmooth fashion. This can be disturbing for many people seeking comfort in an adjustable bed. The most desired adjustable bed base with wall-hugger technology is one which moves smoothly in a continuous motion quietly.

Another ideal feature to look out for in a wall-hugging adjustable bed is if you are looking for a king size bed. It might be good to choose a split king size. This is because your partner does not necessarily want to raise or lower certain parts of the adjustable bed as you do. Also, if you want to raise the mattress in the middle of the night, you won’t be disturbing your partner’s sleep.

Where To Get Your Wall-Hugger Adjustable Bed?

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February 09, 2021 — hue lai