What are the health benefits of height adjustable desks?

It's not just your height that can be adjusted at a desk. A lot of desks nowadays are adjustable so you can sit or stand to work. This is more than just an ergonomic consideration, too: it may actually lead to better health! Studies have shown that sitting all day has negative effects on our health and leads to obesity, but standing all day also isn't good for us. The middle ground is using an adjustable desk, which allows us to switch between sitting and standing throughout the workday.


Do height adjustable overbed desks have health benefits?

Singaporean spend up to 80% of working hours in prolonged sitting periods. That has led to the notion of a "sitting disease," when the real problem is physical inactivity. Height adjustable desks are a hot topic in the world of work. They have been shown to increase productivity and reduce back pain. But do they really have and what are the health benefits? This post will explore whether or not height adjustable desks can make you healthier.

1. Increase your productivity

Standing is a great way to improve your mood, increase energy and productivity at work! When you stand up for awhile blood flow increases which in turn improves how happy we are. Another study found that when people were standing they had less back pain than those sitting down or lying on their couch while watching TV; it also boosted mental alertness too making us 10% more efficient with what we do all day long!!

2. Improve your posture and ease back pain

The best way to avoid back pain, neck strain and other long-term physical ailments is with height adjustable desks. With these tables you can adjust them just right so that your head remains upright while working at their optimum heights throughout the day for better blood flow circulation as well as an all rounder feeling of wellness in both mind body harmony and general healthiness!

One study found they reported reduced needling from chiropractors after 3 months use - meaning more free time on those daily visits plus less money spent because healthier employees require lower medical costs per year than sick ones do.

3. Reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and other health problems associated with sitting for long periods of time

Sitting for long periods of time can make you more susceptible to a variety of health problems, including cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Height adjustable desks could help reduce your chances on developing these disorders because they are made with an ergonomic design that reduces strain placed on the spine when sitting in one position all day long!

4. Make you more alert and less drowsy during the day

Height adjustable desks are a useful and efficient way to improve your productivity while reducing the risk of health problems. They provide an energy boost, help you stay more alert throughout the day with improved blood flow in your body due to standing movements (which can greatly increase circulation), reduce back pain by giving their user some exercise from holding them up!

5. Promote better sleep at night by reducing fatigue from sitting all day

One of the most common causes for not sleeping well at night is a lack of movement throughout your day. This can happen even when you're sitting down all day, as it takes time to realign your body and find balance again after standing up or rotating through different positions while seated during breaks from work. One way this problem may manifest itself physically could be in pain with muscles constantly being tight because you did not get enough stretches; such discomfort will only magnify further if left unchecked by physical therapy before things go untreated mentally too! If you have a height adjustable desk on hand height-wise then using them more often would allow better alignment between spine joints (which allows ease) and improve getting quality restful sleep.

6. Help those who suffer from chronic diseases such as arthritis or osteoporosis to maintain a healthy weight-bearing load on their joints throughout the day

Occupational Therapy Centers is a growing trend in the workplace. They believe that height adjustable desks can help reduce chronic back pain. Many of these individuals are suffering from a condition called lordosis, which is when the spine becomes excessively curved due to prolonged periods sitting with bad posture all day; for example at work or in front of your computer screen constantly throughout life choices such as this will contribute strongly towards its development - especially if you spend extended amounts time working from home!


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The health benefits of height adjustable desks are more than just a way to change your physical environment. Height-adjustable workstations can also help improve productivity and reduce the risk of injury or illness. You may be able to get even more out of this investment by using it strategically in an office with multiple employees, who all have different heights and preferences on how they like their desk setup. If you’re interested in trying one for yourself but don’t know where to start, we recommend checking out our brand of ALYA™ Height Adjustable Overbed Worktable & Desk. Or visit our showroom, we will give you a better idea about what size is best suited for your body type as well as which features would most benefit you at work!

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