Things To Avoid Keeping Under Your Bed

The space under the bed is a tempting space to keep things you want to keep out of sight. Or it could be a space for you to keep items you want to easily reach for every now and then. Even though it is easy to keep and hide things under your bed, there are things to avoid keeping under your bed.

What Should You Not Put Under Your Bed?

1. Frequently Used Items

You should avoid placing frequently used items under your bed. What are frequently used items? They can range from socks to pyjamas to T-shirts and under garments. It will be a chore trying to find the things you use often under your bed. Moreover, it may be disorganised and messy for you to go through your everyday stuff from under the bed daily.

2. Unsealed Clothing

While it is tempting to keep out of season or seldom used bulky clothes under your bed, it is a big no to throw these items in a basket and hide it under the bed. Keeping bulky clothing unsealed makes them vulnerable to bugs such as cockroaches, dust to clothing moths. Keep your bulky clothing sealed in a bag or in a storage box.

3. Heavy Items

Keeping heavy items under your bed may make it hard to lift them from the floor but may also end up scratching your floor! Heavy things weigh down storage boxes and can scratch the floor when you pull it out. To mitigate this risk, you may want to consider getting a storage box with wheels.

4. Empty Suitcases

If you are already placing unused empty suitcases under your bed, why not fill these suitcases with things you seldom use? This maximises the space under the bed.

5. Forgettable Things

What you hide under your bed you may forget about especially things you seldom use such as decorative items or seasonal clothing. What will happen is clutter will build and so will dust and unwanted bugs. Don’t let this accessible space become a clutter or another storage black hole.


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July 12, 2021 — hue lai