The Best Latex Mattress in Singapore

Latex mattresses are one of the most popular choices when it comes to purchasing a mattress. This is because latex conforms to the share of your body and enables you to relieve pressure points causing discomfort when you sleep. Latex is also generally able to conform to the contours of your body better than memory foam and it also springs back into shape quickly.

However, before you go looking for the best latex mattress in Singapore, you should find out how latex is made and its pros and cons since different mattresses suit different individual needs. You would want to learn more before buying a latex mattress since a bed mattress is a long-term commitment.

Different Types of Latex Mattress

Latex comes from two sources - one is all-natural from the rubber tree while the other is synthetic latex made of chemicals. Latex mattresses made from both natural and synthetic materials are also available in the market. This combination is often bought by consumers for its durability, reliability and comfort compared to the common poly foam core and spring support mattresses.

Drawbacks of Latex Mattresses

There are some consumers who, after purchasing their latex mattress, complain of its firmness. Before buying, you should find out about the Impression Load Deflection (ILD) - a measurement of the softness or firmness of a foam mattress. ILD is measured by pressuring a 12-inch round disk into a 4-inch piece of foam until it presses 25% or one inch into the mattress surface. The denser or firmer the latex mattress, the higher its ILD. Do keep in mind that new mattresses of any type tend to be firm when new and will soften over time. Remember to stay patient. Also ask your store if trials are available with the new purchase as some stores allow a free number of night trials for you to test your mattress.

Another disadvantage is the body imprint formed on your latex mattress after sleeping on it for a period of time. This indentation issue is found in all mattresses but it occurs less on mattresses made with 100% natural latex.

Latex Mattresses are costlier than most mattresses. Natural latex mattresses can cost over thousands of dollars as it is one of the most expensive materials used today. But online stores may offer latex mattresses at affordable prices compared to a physical store dealer.

Lastly, latex mattresses are heavy to carry, especially the high quality ones. But the plus is that they do not need to be rotated frequently to prevent indentation of the mattress.

Good Things About Latex Mattresses

There are several advantages to having a latex mattress. It is known to help relieve pain. It also helped reduce consistent discomfort in lower back according to reports and feedback by consumers.

All-natural latex mattresses are also odourless. But consumers of synthetic and natural latex mattresses have reported unpleasant chemical smells here and there. Also, movement on the latex mattress is barely noticed. This is known as motion isolation. When your partner changes his or her position or gets out and back to bed, you would not be able to notice the changes in movement. This is one reason why latex mattresses are popular as a bed mattress.

100% natural latex mattress is non-toxic and so is healthy and safe for you. It is also resistant to fire, dust-mite, mold and mildew. Its hypoallergenic properties makes it a great choice for allergy sufferers. Another plus point is that latex does not sleep hot, and is great for the Singapore weather.

If you are looking for an eco-friendly mattress, the all-natural latex mattress is 100% environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

Consider Hybrid Mattresses

If you are confused whether to go for 100% latex and still considering memory foam, you can consider hybrid mattresses that contain latex. Memory foam is known to have better motion isolation than latex though it may sleep a little hotter.

But the memory foam layer in hybrid mattresses not only supports pressure point relief and reducing pain, it could be coated with cooling gels to regulate heat. Also memory foam in hybrid mattresses provides dense poly-foam support structure to make the bed more durable.

MattX ™ Latex Memory Foam Mattress

Affairs Living’ MattX ™ Latex Memory Foam Mattress is covered with TENCEL™ knitted fibre. TENCEL™ is eco-friendly, 100% natural and is known to cool the skin with its efficient moisture wicking properties. Under the knitted lyocell fibre is 100% natural latex followed by memory foam infused with cool gel. All of the materials have been certified to be free from harmful emissions and components. Affairs Living offers a 30 night sleep trial. If you are unhappy with the mattress after 30 days, just get in touch with the store.


Purchasing a good mattress or the best latex mattress in Singapore, it is important that you do your research. Check out other customers’ reviews and testimonials to help you with your decision-making process.

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