Should You Buy Organic Bed Sheets?

When it comes to buying bed sheets, most people are concerned with the number of thread count and the material used. We are also concerned if the bedding meets our budget. Very often, we also consider higher priced bed sheets must mean quality bedding. But one thing we don’t ask is if we should buy organic bed sheets?

Contents Used in Manufacturing Regular Cotton

Cotton is the most commonly used fabric in our lives. Our T-shirts, bed sheets and towels are mostly made from cotton. We may think of cotton as an innocent crop we grow to provide us with most of the things we use. But nothing could be more wrong. You may be surprised that only 73% of cotton in our cotton bed sheets are made of cotton. While the remaining 27% of it is made of formaldehyde, methamidophos, parathion, and hormone disruptors – listed by the World Health Organisation as the most hazardous chemicals used.

Cotton farming uses about 25 percent of the world’s insecticides and more than 10 percent of the pesticides. This process of growing cotton adds toxicity to the soil, air and ground water. Many of these chemicals used were originally formulated for use as nerve gases and warfare. This has led to much health problems in humans, wildlife living in the cotton fields as well as for cotton farmers.

Why Organic Cotton Bed sheets?

It is hard to distinguish conventionally grown cotton from cotton that has been organically grown. Certified Organic cotton has been grown, harvested, processed and manufactured without chemicals. It produces much lower carbon footprint compared to regular cotton. But organically grown cotton takes more time, knowledge and skill to produce, therefore most costly than regular cotton. If we are not concerned about the environmental impact, we can consider how much time we spend in bed. Imagine sleeping on bed sheets manufactured using harmful chemicals. If you are a sufferer of allergies, it makes even more sense to consider getting organic cotton bed sheets.

Environmentally Friendly Textiles

Some types of cotton are grown in an environmentally friendly process such as Supima cotton. Some farmers do not certify their cotton as organic with the USDA due to the high costs involved. Supima cotton growers in the US get their certified by the American Supima Association (ASA). The ASA is an association where a group of textile manufacturers and farmers who come together to retain the credibility in their fabric and yarn.

Another textile grown using environmentally process is TENCEL™. Cellulose from wood has been used to produce this fabric. Lyocell, another word for TENCEL™ originate from renewable raw material wood and made using an environmentally responsible production process making it compostable and biodegradable.

Where to Get TENCEL™ and Supima Cotton Bed Sheets?

Cyprus Blue Fitted Sheet Set

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April 05, 2021 — hue lai