Reimagining the Way We Sleep

Have you ever wished that your bed could do more than just provide you with a comfortable place to rest? Well, now it can. Introducing the all-in-one SMART bed—the ALYA™ Motorised Storage Bedframe & Adjustable Bed Base comes with AI function. This revolutionary new product combines modern technology with traditional comfort to create an unprecedented level of convenience and relaxation. Let’s explore why this product is changing the way we sleep.

How does the all in one SMART bed work?

The all-in-one SMART bed is equipped with intuitive technology that enables users to control its various features via remote controller or through a connected app on their smartphone. This includes adjusting the bed position, setting a timer for an AI wake-up call, and even activating special massage functions.

In addition to these incredible features, the all-in-one SMART bed has an integrated storage system that allows users to store items such as extra pillows or blankets conveniently underneath the mattress. This adds an extra layer of convenience by eliminating the need for bulky furniture like dressers or nightstands. The best part? The storage can be controlled via one-touch button to lift up with German motorised hydraulic gas lift system.


What are the benefits of a SMART bed?

In addition to its convenience features, the all in one SMART bed also offers impressive health benefits such as improved circulation, reduced stress levels, and better spinal support. Thanks to its adjustable design, it can be tailored exactly to meet your individual needs—allowing you to achieve maximum comfort while sleeping or relaxing. And the underbed LED lights designed with motion tracking technology, lights up only when the bed light sensor detects your movement, and automatically turns off when you leave —ensuring that you get a good night’s rest every time!


Singapore's first all-in-one motorised storage bedframe & adjustable bed base with Ai. It was created to help you achieve a better night's sleep.


The all in one SMART bed is revolutionizing how we sleep by combining modern technology with traditional comfort—allowing users to enjoy unparalleled convenience and relaxation in their very own homes! With its intuitive AI function and adjustable design, this amazing product provides users with improved health benefits such as better circulation and reduced stress levels along with personalized recommendations tailored just for them. So what are you waiting for? Make tonight a night of perfect restful sleep by investing in an all in one SMART bed today!

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January 20, 2023 — Pamela Chew