Reasons Why Women Need More Sleep Than Men

Sleep is crucial for us to rest and refresh ourselves everyday. You might have had conversations with your friends regarding the amount of time you need for sleep. You might have also noticed different sleep patterns between you and your partner. Like millions of Singaporean mothers, troubles in sleep began when the baby was born. Studies from Duke University in Durham, North Carolina found that women need approximately 20 minutes more sleep than men.

Why do women need more sleep than men?

The main reason is that women tend to multitask more than men, thus using more brain power in daily activities. Basically, exercising your brain more would require more rest and sleep.

Women also experience more hormonal changes than men. For example, some women experience sleep problems in certain phases of their menstrual cycle due to pain or changes in body temperature. Women suffering from premenstrual tension can feel irritable and emotional, thus more rest and sleep would help.

Other reasons include pregnancy, where excess weight and position of the fetus may affect women’s sleep. Hot flashes during menopause and worries may also affect women’s rest. Last but not least, there are also women who are disturbed by their partner during sleep as their partner moves about in the bed (since men are larger than women).

Reasons Why Women Need More Sleep Than Men
Sleeping on an Adjustable Bed in Zero Gravity position during pregnancy will allow the weight of the body to be evenly distributed to relieve pressure in line with the spinal column for pregnant women. 


Another study found women suffered greater health issues from lack of sleep compared to men. Researchers also discovered that for women, poor sleep is closely related to high levels of psychological distress, hostility, depression and anger. These feelings have a lesser degree of effect on men.

There are other factors besides gender differences that affect sleep. It could be diet, health or habits. Choosing suitable bedding for a good night’s rest also helps to contribute to a restful night.

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September 21, 2020 — Adela Teo