How Your Bed Sheets Impact the Quality of Your Sleep

We all understand just how important it is to get a good night’s sleep. And yet many of us struggle to get in those precious eight hours. You’ve probably heard all of the tricks for getting a better night’s rest before: Keep your cell phone out of your bedroom. Use blackout curtains or white noise generators. Try a calming lavender fragrance or a meditation routine before bed. But have you ever given much thought to how your bed sheets might affect your quality of sleep?

There’s a reason why organic fabrics are fast becoming one of the most popular choices for bedding in this hectic, sleep-deprived world — many reasons, in fact. But they all boil down to one simple fact: better sheets mean better sleep.

In Singapore today, however, many fabrics, especially those used for bedding, are often made out of synthesized materials. And on top of that, they’re often treated with harsh chemicals or additives that can leach into your skin, causing irritation or even allergic reactions. When you spend one third of your life in bed, you want to make sure that the surface where you lie is not only comfortable, but safe. Many people, in particular those with sensitive skin or eczema, often see improvements when they make the switch to all-organic materials that are free of toxins and come from 100% natural sources. For example, bedsheet made by TENCEL™, Supima® cotton and Jersey cotton, etc.

Moreover, high quality cotton fabric have unique thermal qualities that make them ideal for sleeping conditions, no matter your climate. So no matter the temperature outside or summer weather like Singapore, natural cotton bedding can help regulate your internal thermometer for comfortable and sound rest.

Spread new bed sheets

Every other item in your home comes with a shelf life. The same is the case with bed sheets as well. In the initial days, the performance of the sheets in terms of softness, absorbency, permanence, and others are on its peak. Nevertheless, with continuous usage, its potential tends to decrease over the time horizon. Just like any other material, it tends to become more coarse with regular washing and cleaning. This can be a nuisance to your comfortable sleep at night. The fresh set of bed sheets and pillowcases for your bed can induce a healthy sleep quality and make you feel more lively in the morning.

Bed sheets need correct washing technique

How do you read a washing label?

Washing your bed sheets every week is a good operation. Although it is not the only thing that solves every problem related to healthy bedding. Some sheets are treated with chemicals ( including formaldehyde, chlorine, and silicon) to keep away from shrinking, wrinkling, and losing its shape. To create a sheen effect, some of these are even treated with alkali. Make sure to wash all the sheets prior to any use on the beds, as this can hamper your sleep quality and can also lead to some allergies. Equally important is the detergent one prefers to use while washing these sheets. Some of the detergents are completely chemical and make the bed linens harsh after the wash. Organic cleansers can be a good way to battle out the dirt and make the sheets more clean and fresh that ensures a sound sleep. Before washing, it is a good idea to read the washing instruction label.

A bedroom should be reserved for a peaceful sleep, and making some conscious efforts in picking and maintaining the bed sheets will be helpful in getting quality sleep at night.

Choose your right sheet is an important aspect

If you want better sleep, it pays to invest in top-quality, organic materials. Not only will your skin and sleep habits benefit, but you’ll gain the peace of mind by choosing responsible organic products that contribute to making the world a more sustainable and eco-conscious place. Bedsheets selling at Affairs Living Singapore is using reliable sources that in itself might help you sleep better at night, many options like Palais Suite TENCEL™, Hotelier Prestigio™, Cotton Pure™. These certified and hotel-like bedsheet will surprise you when you trying it.

But in the end, the differences we make in the world often can only happen after a good night’s rest. If you want to know how to sleep more soundly, you might start by making the bed.

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April 29, 2020 — hue lai