How Weaving Affect The Quality Of Bed Sheet

There are many factors that affect the quality of bed sheets. Many in Singapore suffer from insufficient sleep of either duration or quality. Poor quality bed linen is uncomfortable. It makes it difficult to sleep throughout the night. It is helpful that you understand the different types of fabrics and fibres but also the various types of weaves. For example, what does percale, satin or sateen mean? What is microfibre? While the answers are not complicated, knowing them gives you the ability to choose your bed sheets to meet your needs. To help you with your shopping, here are brief explanations of how weaving affects the quality of bed sheets.

What Is Weaving?

Weaving is a production method in the textile industry where two separate sets of yarns or threads are interlaced at a specific angle to form one fabric or a piece of cloth. A sheet’s thread count refers to the number of threads, both horizontal and vertical contained in one square inch of fabric. Although it is true that the higher the number of thread counts, the softer the sheet, it is also important to know that midrange thread counts of 400 to 600 are often very soft and are usually more durable than sheets with super-high thread counts. Manufacturers could manipulate the number of thread count to sell more bed sheets.


Percale sheets

Percale is a plain weave fabric made from both combed and carded cotton yarns. Percale is made of grid like and closely woven weave that makes the bed sheet feel light and crisp. Fabrics made with percale weave usually have a higher thread count such as Bedding Affairs’ Hotelier Prestigio™ Supima Cotton Percale White Dove Earl Gray Hem Fitted Sheet Set. If you like sheets that feel starched and crisp then this is the weave for you.


Sateen, not to be confused with satin, is a weave with more vertical than horizontal threads. Sateen produces an extremely soft bed sheet with a smooth, lustrous finish and it can sometimes be mistaken with satin. Hotelier Prestigio™ White Sateen Square Fitted Sheet Set for example feels luxuriously soft but is more fragile than percale or plain weaves.


Satin weave provides a silk finish that produces a very thin, thigh-thread count made from synthetic materials such as nylon, polyester or acetate which is tightly woven or knitted together. When buying satin sheets, look for the word ‘woven’ versus ‘knit; to get the smoothness desired in this weave. Satin produces a shiny finish and silky feel to the touch.


Microfibre is a tight weave of man-made fibres spun into very fine yarn. This produces an ultra-soft finish and excellent wrinkle resistance. Due to its tight and thick weave, this fabric can be water resistant and allergen-proof but it can also be hot to sleep with, and this depends on the denseness of the weave.


Jersey sheets

Jersey sheets are made with a flat knit making them soft like ‘tee-shirts’. They use the same type of knit cotton or cotton-blend fibres that are used to make cotton t-shirts. Jersey sheets are very popular with youths such as Affairs Living's Cotton Pure™ Classic Black Stripe Jersey Cotton Fitted Sheet Set.

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June 29, 2021 — hue lai