How to Pick Artworks for Your Bedroom

Our bedroom is our oasis. A place to rest, to relax, chill out with our spouse and even a quiet place for us to reflect on what we did in day. That is why it is important to decorate our bedroom to pick the right décor and colours to reflect what is within us to create a personal space. While many people place attention on the colours of the wall, the bed and bed linen, for this post, we would like to focus on how to pick artworks for your bedroom.

Bedroom wall art is one of the important parts of creating mood in the bedroom. It is therefore paramount to consider what you want before you decide to drill a hole in your wall to hang a painting.

Sleep being the primary activity in the bedroom helps us decide the kind of artworks to hang in the bedroom compared to the kitchen, study or the living room. But it should still be aesthetically pleasing in a way that is not boring but yet helps to ease your mind into a restful state. Understanding that the bedroom is a place for rest, we can exclude bold, big and engaging artworks such as Edward Munch’s Scream.

Colour Psychology to Bedroom Art

It helps to understand colour psychology in order to know what best fits your personality and the mood you want to create for your bedroom. Here is a list for you to refer to:

  • Red: Passion, romance, adventure
  • Pink: Sweetness, calm, femininity
  • Lilac: Spirituality, creativity
  • Brown: Reliability and strength
  • Orange: Creativity, warmth, socialization
  • Yellow: Energy, attention
  • Green: Nature, balance, harmony
  • Blue: Tranquillity, serenity, peace
  • Black: Strength, protection

Creating A Sense of Escape

Creating A Sense of Escape

Most of us have been under lockdown for more than a year due to Covid 19. With the pandemic not likely to be gone anytime soon, there could be a sense of wanting to escape being stuck without a holiday for a long time.

Creating a sense of escape in your bedroom can help release this stress of feeling cooped up at home. The concept here is to make the space a different ‘world’ from our everyday life of tasks and stresses. Creating a mood of escape in your bedroom often includes scenic photography, landscape paintings or abstract art that produces a perspective of getting away.

The trick is to have a mood board to guide you when you go shopping so that you will avoid paintings such as renaissance art or minimalistic art that can take you away from your original intention of creating the sense of escape in your bedroom.

Bold and Passionate

Bold and Passionate

If you are a passionate person who loves bold colours in your bedroom as well as in your life, use passionate colours like red and mix it with black to accentuate the primary colour.

Creating a sense of passion in your bedroom can be done by adding the right piece of artwork that produces a rich, exotic colours for the lovers’ bedroom. However, bold and deep reds do not mean the bedroom has to be raunchy or distasteful. It is still possible to stay classy.

Artwork Size

Large sized art pieces are best hung at the eye level or directly above the bed. You can also hang it opposite the bed. It would be best to make the large sized art to be the central focus of the bedroom and avoid adding smaller art pieces in the room that can be distracting or too stimulating for the mind in the bedroom.

The bedroom may not be the most suitable place for large family portraits or various photos you collected during your travels. These photos may be more suitable in the study room.

Artwork Types

The casual, friendly atmosphere of fairs like Art Fair Singapore in both seasoned collector and browsing public. There have variety of artwork you can choose to decorate your bedroom. They range from photographic prints, abstract art, to canvas paintings. It really depends on your taste and the mood you want to create.

One piece of décor not recommended would be to add a decorative wall clock to the bedroom. It may look pretty and classy but no one likes to have to keep looking at a wall clock in the bedroom to keep reminding oneself of things that need to be done in the day or the next day. 



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