How To Dress A Guest Bedroom?

Although you may not be sleeping in the guest bedroom, one of the joyous things about decorating a guest bedroom is the fact that you can show off the decorations in the guest bedroom and invite a loved one or close friends to stay over for the weekend. Having a pleasant and well designed bedroom creates memories for your friends and family for the weekend stay. But how should you design the spare bedroom? We share some ideas on how to dress a guest bedroom.

1. Do Not Clutter

Just because the spare bedroom is not being used at the moment does not mean you have to dump your unused items there. You may use the wardrobe for some of your excess clothing but keep the guest bedroom as uncluttered as possible. But that does not mean to make it boring. Adding some accessories around the room to highlight certain features such as the bed (with some accent colours) or allowing natural light to flow in from the window creates a welcoming space for anyone who visits.

2. Furniture in the Spare Bedroom

Many times, the guest bedroom is also filled with old furniture that we are not yet ready to dispose of. This could make it seem like the guest bedroom is a space for dumping things you do not want. But there are some things which can be fun that you can do about it. You could take steps to make it look as if the odd pieces and different colored furniture look like they belong together.

You can upcycle the furniture by painting them the same color - such as the dresser, end tables and footboard .You can also upholster the headboard with a new look. You can also dress up the bed in your spare room. You can also set a tufted bench at the foot of the bed.

3. Add Ambient Lighting

The lighting in a room usually creates the first impression and creates the entire atmosphere you feel in your bedroom. By layering and playing with lights, you can create depth and add a feeling of cosiness to your guest room.
Table Lamps are the easiest to add ambient warm light to the room instead of suspended lighting. Go for gold, tan or coloured lamp shape to add a feeling of relaxation in the room.

Recessed and overhead lighting add different layers of lighting to the room. You could also add floor lamps to reflect light onto the ceiling. It creates a special subtle lighting and is perfect if you have a seating area in the room. Reading lamps at each side of the bed is also a great addition so guests can read before they go to bed.

4. Create A Complimenting Decor

The guest room can be a great place for you to experiment with home decor ideas. But make sure it does not look out of place with the entire interior design of your home. If your home is designed in a classic or traditional style, keep your guest room aligned with the same theme.

5. Make the Room Cosy


Make the Room Cosy


Adding throw pillows in the room instantly creates a welcoming and cosy space. When it comes to decorating your guest room, remember that the bed is the centre-piece of the room. Choose either comfortable casual Jersey Cotton bed sheets or opt for style and comfort with sateen cotton bed sheets. Remember to also leave spare linens and high quality bath towels for your guests, so they never need to feel as if they are imposing on you.

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December 07, 2020 — hue lai