How To Choose A Reliable Bed Frame For Long-term Use

The average person spends 26 years of their life sleeping, therefore, you need a solid sleeping system underneath you to make sure you’re as comfy as possible. Because the bed frame is the major support system for your bed, you will want to make sure that you get the perfect one for your needs. 

Here, we have compiled the best tips for selecting the right bed frame(s) for your individual budget and preference, as well as suggestions on where to get them in Singapore. Read on!


1. Pick according to your mattress size!

Is your mattress already a favourite of yours? Then, use this mattress as a sizing guide if you plan to keep it but only want to upgrade your bed frame. For the precise fit, your bed frame’s size should match your mattress’.

Make sure you know what size mattress you're acquiring because some mattress sizes come in a variety of sizes. For example, a twin XL bed is 5 inches longer than a standard twin mattress. An Olympic queen mattress is 6 inches wider than a queen mattress. A California king is four inches narrower and four inches longer than a conventional king.


2. Consider the size of your bedroom

If you're getting a new bed frame from scratch, including the mattress, you can pick any size you like. Considering the size of your bedroom might help you in selecting the best option for your space. You should have 2 to 3 feet of space on all sides and end of your bed. This gives you the freedom to move around your bedroom as you like.

Compare your available space to the size of a standard bed. Keep in mind that your bed frame and headboard may overshoot the bed by a few inches over the mattress size. Decide on the size of bed frame you want to get to cut down your options.


3. Choose the support you need

Some type of support is required beneath all beds. If your mattress isn't supported by a bed frame, it will sag or wear out early. The two most prevalent types of support are platform beds and box springs.

If you choose a platform bed frame, your mattress will have built-in support, as it does not require the use of a box spring. Platform beds are typically closer to the ground than the regular box spring-supported ones.


4. Make a comparison between integrated and separate bed frames

An integrated bed frame is usually a simple design with no additional decorative features. To get the style you want, you can simply mix and match it with a separate headboard.

An integrated bed, which includes the headboard, footboard, and side rails as well as the frame, is another option. It has a more polished appearance as a result of this uniformity. Because it incorporates the side rails, this frame usually has a more decorative element to it. Wooden bed frames are available in a range of painted, clear, and stained finishes. Along the side rails, some people prefer an upholstered style.


5. Select the correct height

The height of the bed frame is another aspect to consider when choosing a bed frame. Select a bed height that is suitable for your needs. A higher mattress is usually preferable for people who have mobility issues.

A platform bed is a fantastic choice if you prefer to sleep closer to the ground. You can also go for a low-profile bed frame if you like. Conversely, if you want more height, go for a taller bed frame. Some beds can even be custom-made to order in any height you like.


6. Consider the bed legs

The legs of the bed frame should be considered for the advantage of your floors. Examine the part of the frame that makes touch with the ground. Does the use of glides or covers provide any protection? Otherwise, your carpet will be snagged, and your hardwood flooring will be scratched.

Some bed frames include wheels at the base of the legs. This makes it simple to move the bed around as needed. When you've located the ideal spot, check for legs that can be locked to keep the bed in place.


7. Compare bed frame materials

Wood and metal are the two most popular bed frame materials, both are excellent options. Their aesthetics are the most significant distinction. Consider which choice will look best in your room.

The quality of the material is also crucial. Although solid hardwood is a long-lasting material, a wooden frame that has been poorly constructed may not endure as long. Always inspect the hardware and attachment system utilised on the bed frame to ensure a high-quality construction.

​​Similarly, cheap or weak metal might result in a low-quality bed frame that bends easily and collapses under heavy loads. They can also be rather loud when you move about in bed.

8. Check the support system

Because the bed frame's primary function is to support your mattress, you'll want to be sure the slat structure is strong. Select a frame with sturdy slats that do not easily bend. Weak slats will not offer your mattress with the essential stability, and they may eventually break. Hardwood slats, such as beech or poplar, are generally preferred over softwood slats, such as pine.

Also, take into account the amount of slats and the distance between them. The whole bedding system won't be as sturdy if there aren't many slats incorporated. For added support, some bed frames incorporate central support legs. This is especially useful for bigger beds.


9. Consider the bed frame style

If the style of your bed frame will be seen once your bed is built, it is important to think about it. This is the case when the bed frame has exposed side rails. Keep the general style of your bedroom in mind while selecting a design. A modern bedroom should have a basic, streamlined design.

If you have a traditional-style bedroom, an elegant wood frame with intricate details might be the way to go. A wood frame with an aged finish can be used to create a rustic look.


10. Always emphasise quality

Bed frames are long-term investments. Sometimes they can even be in the family heirloom! Because of this, you don't want to go cheap on your bed frame by going with the least expensive alternative. You'll probably discover that it doesn't last long or provide the level of support you require. Before making a decision, look at the frame's overall quality and craftsmanship. Investing in a higher-quality frame will provide you with additional support and a longer-lasting alternative.

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Purchasing a new bed frame seems quite straightforward until you begin shopping and realise the vast array of alternatives available in the market. Knowing what you want and how to recognise a good bed frame will help you narrow down your choices.


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March 18, 2022 — Weave Asia