How To Build A Bed Of Your Dreams

We spend a third of our lives on our bed. It is not just the bed sheets, quilt and pillows with their covers that matter. Knowing the material made in your bed items will help you build a dream-worthy bed. Let us break it down for you so you know how to build a bed of your dreams.

Although the mattress is the key item of our bed, you can add a mattress topper to give your old mattress new life in an instant.


1. Mattress Topper

Memory Foam

Sleepthetic™ Fitted Memory Foam Topper

Mattress toppers are made from different materials. Memory foam is a foam like material that regulates temperature and has the advantage of being hypoallergenic. It also relieves pressure on the body. Since the body is contoured with natural curves, memory foam mattress toppers distribute weight evenly. It also supports the part of the body that bears the greater load. Bedding Affairs’ memory foam topper comes in medium firm and slightly more firm and you can shop here.


Mattress toppers also come filled with down, goose or duck feathers. These are known as pillow-top mattress toppers. They add an extra layer of softness to your bed. However, unlike memory foam toppers, pillow-top is not hypoallergenic and could cause allergies to allergy sufferers.

2. Sheets

Bed Sheets

Palais Suite TENCEL™ LF Pure White Fitted Sheet Set

Before you run out to buy your bed sheets based on the number of thread counts, it would be good to know the types of fibre and weave used to make the sheets. Thread counts are not a reliable indication to measure the quality of bed sheets.

Types of Fibre

Hotelier Prestigio™ Luxury Bronzy Fitted Sheet Set

Hotelier Prestigio™ Luxury Bronzy Fitted Sheet Set

Bed sheets are made from different fibres from cotton, pima, linen, lyocell to silk, blends and more. 100% Eyptian cotton is the best material out there but it is also very costly. Cotton is the most commonly used material for bed sheets and bed items. Supima cotton is the finest extra long staple cotton and is super durable. Bedding Affairs’ Hotelier Prestigio™ collection comes in supima and combed cotton including percale cotton.


Every type of weave gives a different effect. Percale has a plain weave and it provides breathability to the sheets. It also gives percale bed linen a crisp feel. Sateen cotton weave on the other hand gives a soft and lustrous feel like silk. Sateen feels warmer compared to percale.


3. Pillows

Down Pillows

Down pillows are filled with feathers from the undercoat of a goose or duck. Down pillows are popular for being light, soft and airy. They are great for stomach and side sleepers. Back sleepers can place a down pillow under their knees to help maintain spinal alignment.

Down-Feather Pillows

While down pillows are made from the quill-less feather clusters of the chest and underbelly of geese and ducks, down-feather pillows are filled with feathers from the wings and backs of the birds. Comparing the two, down-feather has a crispier and more scrunchy feel. It tends to flatten and compress as the night progresses.

Down Alternative Pillows

Down alternative pillows are denser than down feather and down pillows. It is hypoallergenic as it is filled with microfiber. Therefore, it will not shift as much as a down or a feather pillow. Some down alternative pillows may feel cheap with polyfill options. Bedding Affairs’ down alternative buckwheat pillow is filled with 20% buckwheat and 80% microfibre. The natural hulls of the buckwheat allow you to adjust the pillow to support your neck and head according to its contours.

Memory Foam Pillows

If you find little support for your neck with down pillows, you can go for memory foam. Memory foam pillows are temperature regulating. The foam like material is lasting and durable with a contour fill on one end to help support the neck for back sleepers.


4. Comforter, Duvet or Quilt 

Just in case you are murky about whether to get a comforter, duvet or quilt, you can find out here the differences between them. In general, duvet and comforter are terms used interchangeably for the same item. Quilt is thinner than a comforter with less loft.


Down quilts are lightweight and breathable. It also provides warmth and costs more than quilts filled with synthetics. They are naturally soft and its insulating property will last for years. Note that you cannot launder down quilts in a washer, you can only dry clean them.

Down Alternative

Hotelier Prestigio™ Premium MicroFiber Quilt

Hotelier Prestigio™ Premium MicroFiber Quilt

Down alternative quilts include polyester, cotton, wool and microfiber fill. They are a lot more budget friendly than traditional down quilts although not as durable or long-lasting. But they also provide the fluffiness and comfort of down quilts. The perk here is down alternative quilts are machine washable.


Hotelier Prestigio™ Luxo Mulberry Silk Quilt

Hotelier Prestigio™ Luxo Mulberry Silk Quilt

Silk quilts are super comfortable, and are perfect for all weather. It is luxurious and 100% natural, meaning it is hypoallergenic and great for those suffering allergies and even rheumatism. What’s more, it can be affordable. Mulberry silk is the highest quality silk in the world and Bedding Affairs’ Hotelier Prestigo ™ Luxo Mulberry Silk Quilt costs just $139 SGD. Silk quilts are also easy to care for. All it needs is to be dried under the sun twice a year to maintain its freshness. However if cleaning is required, you need to dry-clean it and not try to remove a stain on your own.

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