How do you read a washing label?

Before washing, drying or ironing an item of fabric like bed sheet, bolster case or pillow case, it is a good idea to read the washing instruction label. Doing so can help you avoid creating felted jumpers, turning formerly white sheets pink, or shrinking pillow case into slack.

Knowing the meaning of the symbols on the clothing labels helps to avoid unwanted results, even if the labels are not always clear and easy to understand. Before we start, a general rule: if the item is made up of more than one fabric, you should follow the instructions that apply to the most delicate part.

How do you read a washing label?

Normally the clothing label categorized by 3 sections:

1. Wash labels

Wash labels

2. Drying Labels

Drying Labels

3. Ironing Labels

Ironing Labels

Give unique fabric the right care

Silk is strong but needs special laundering to keep its fibers intact. Hand-washing is the preferred method of laundering, at least for the first several washings. Don't wring silk sheets. Instead, blot them with a towel. If washing in a machine, choose a delicate or hand-wash cycle in cool water, using Woolite detergent or any special soap recommended by the manufacturer. Hang the sheets on an outside line out of direct sun, or dry on the lowest setting above air fluff on the dryer.

Because linen is a durable natural fiber, it can withstand higher washing temperatures than other sheets -- up to 104 degrees F. The more frequently linen sheets are washed, the softer they will become. Use a mild detergent, but avoid bleaches or detergents containing bleach. Linen will dry more quickly than other fabrics, so the sheets won't need a hot or long dryer setting. Linen can be ironed at the hot linen setting on your iron.

Palais Suite TENCEL™ LF Pure White Fitted Sheet Set

It looks like a drape and flatters the human form. TENCEL™ is used for bedsheets as well as clothes so it helps to know how to care for this.


Store Matching Sheets Together

Save time when making up the beds by storing matching sheets together. Some options:

  • Stash the folded sheet set inside one of its matching pillowcases, along with the second pillowcase. This method works well for storing sheets in linen closets or bedroom closets.
  • Place the folded fitted sheet and pillowcases inside the folded flat sheet right before its last fold. This method also works well for storing sheets in linen closets or bedroom closets.
  • Store folded sheets in storage boxes labeled by size (e.g. twin) or by room (master bedroom). Because of the extra space needed for boxes, this method may work best if you have a dedicated linen closet.
  • Store folded sheets in underbed storage containers in the rooms in which they will be used.

Avoid to wash your bed sheet with other items

Sheets is only should be washed together with pillow cases only. Other bed linen should be washed separately from sheets.
Avoid washing your sheets with towels. If you wash sheets with towels, you will end up with little lint balls all over your sheets. The friction from the towels will gradually wear down the sheets.
Avoid washing your sheets with different color items. If you wash your sheets with other different color clothing items, you may discolor your sheets.

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