Discover the ANSSil String SMART Mattress

In the fast-paced city-state of Singapore, where time is a precious commodity, quality sleep is non-negotiable. Enter the ANSSil SMART String Mattress, a game-changer in the realm of bedtime comfort and support. Let's delve into why this innovative Sleepinbody-Incline SMART Mattress is taking Singapore by storm.

Why Choose ANSSil String SMART Mattress?

Engineered with precision, the ANSSil SMART string mattress boasts a specially manufactured sensor system and 3D string support. By harnessing advanced technology, this SMART mattress ensures optimal bed conditions by dynamically adjusting firmness based on individual body type and weight. Through its body pressure sensors, the mattress accurately measures sleeping postures and distributes body pressure in real-time, offering personalized comfort tailored to each user's needs.


CES Innovation Awards

Recognized for its excellence, ANSSil stands tall as the only Korean mattress company to clinch the prestigious CES Innovation Awards for three consecutive years, from 2022 to 2024. This accolade speaks volumes about the relentless pursuit of innovation and quality that defines ANSSil.

Discover the features of ANSSil String SMART Mattress

1. Body-Pressure Dispersion Technology

The high-strength and low-shrinkage string(1.4 million yarns) that can even replace metal support inside the air mattress that is most ideal structure for body-pressure dispersion. With this structural stability, ANSSil string mattress gives you the best comfortable support and sleep environment that evenly and closely HUG all your body. Also, ANSSil mattress with tens of million of special strings is as strong as withstanding 3 tons of truck and has no sagging or twisting with very long time period of using.

    2. Customisable Firmness Control

    ANSSil’s Firmness Controller provides the ideal comfort and the perfect body-pressure dispersion, controlling mattress firmness level, depending on your own body shape, weight and psychological condition.

    The highest level of 2 PSI (air pressure inside the mattress) provides very hard firmness level suitable for exercising (Level 10) to cozy cushion soft feel that wraps around the body (Level 1).

    3. AIoT Technology Integration

    Leveraging state-of-the-art AIoT technology, ANSSil offers personalized sleep solutions based on deep learning algorithms. Through the accompanying app, users can access comprehensive reports and receive tailored sleep care recommendations.

      4. SMART Connectivity

      Seamlessly integrate your mattress with the ANSSil Link App, unlocking a world of personalized sleep insights and tools to enhance your sleep routine. Gain access to real-time data about your sleep patterns, including duration, quality, and interruptions. Utilize intelligent recommendations and personalized tips to optimize your sleep environment and habits for a more restful night's sleep. With SMART Connectivity, take control of your sleep health like never before, and awaken each morning feeling refreshed and revitalized.

      5. Eco-friendly mattress to save the Earth

      Made from ANSSil’s waste-free technology, it is 100% recyclable good mattress to save our earth


      6. Out-of-box light Delivery

      ANSSil string mattress is delivered in a box package, because it is made 80% lighter than the existing mattresses. (Comparing ANSSil string base to other mattresses)



      The ANSSil SMART String Mattress represents a paradigm shift in sleep technology, offering unparalleled comfort, support, and customisation. For Singaporeans seeking the ultimate sleep experience, ANSSil is the answer to a restful and rejuvenating night's sleep. Experience the difference today and embark on a journey to better sleep with ANSSil. Don't miss out on the chance to upgrade your sleep quality. Order your mattress now and discover the difference it can make in your life.

      March 20, 2024 — Pamela Chew