Sleep in Style: The Ultimate Guide to Custom Bed Frames

If you’ve moved to a new house, you’re likely ready to build your dream bedroom from scratch. You want to make the perfect bedroom setup, spending half the time looking for fluffy duvet covers, cushion fillings and patterned wallpaper to bring life into your space. 

And of course, finding the right type of mattress is also on top of your priority.

Chances are, a bed frame is far too down your list—if it even made the list at all. Since it’s one of the most overlooked parts of a bed purchase, it’s not surprising that some homeowners have no idea that it can either make or break their rooms. Besides, when it comes to the sleeping experience, would you ever settle for anything less?

Because when you pick the right one, your bed frame can become the ultimate focal point of your space, whether it comes in wood, metal or fabric. 

What’s more, custom bed frames can be one of your options. You can finally take things to the next level according to your own preferences, interior and budget! 

Let’s discuss what a custom bed frame is, its benefits and how to choose the right one for a smooth-sailing custom design process.

Getting Started: What’s a Custom Bed Frame?

Before we delve deeper into the ins and outs of buying custom bed frames, let’s first define what a bed frame is. Also referred to as a bedstead, they are considered support structures built for box springs, mattresses and many more. 

Did you know that bed frames were invented approximately 5,000 years ago? According to a research study, people from Malta and Egypt used frames with raised mattresses by 3000 B.C. Their beds were rectangular with legs and leather, and the upper end was slightly angled upwards. 

A bed frame typically consists of side rails, hook-on rails, legs, a footer and a header. However, as minimalism became more popular among customers, modern bed frames have gone with elegant designs. This is why you’d see several beds online that seem to have a ‘floating’ appearance. 

Some of them can also be easily disassembled and reassembled. Their parts are attached with removable fasteners including bed blots, pin-and-hook fasteners and plate-or-hook fasteners, to name a few. 

But the most important thing that happened in bedroom trends is the launch of small, individual production of custom bed frames. This allows homeowners to have complete control of their bedroom interior by choosing a bed frame’s size, wood, style and headboard.

And to truly own your own space, you can let your preferred bed manufacturer know about additional touches you may want to include!

Benefits of Custom Bed Frames: Why Should You Get One?

A study has shown that we spend one-third of our lives lying in bed. That’s why most of you make it your mission to create a comfortable, cosy atmosphere in your bedrooms. The mere sight of your sleeping cave can give you a sense of relief, especially when it meets your standard.

Besides, who wouldn’t want to relax after spending almost nine hours working and absorbing the chaos of the city?

This, in turn, has made custom bed frames extremely in demand in Singapore. But why should you join the craze? What benefits will you enjoy if you decide to customise your bedstead as a way to enhance the sleeping experience? 

Let’s find out below!

Gives Your Room Top-Notch Aesthetics

Have you ever seen one of those rooms where the mattress is just plopped on the ground? If so, then you’re aware that it tends to look lazy and messy. It can make your bedroom look unfinished and plain looking, which can be off-putting for people who might visit your room.

On the other hand, having a custom bed frame tailored to your preferences can give your room better aesthetic appeal. All you have to do is pick the right size, design and material that suits your interior design. 

Since you’re allowed to customise it, you have endless options on your end. Keep in mind that a bed frame also acts as a furniture piece, so it can entirely change the vibe of your space! 

Provides Spine, Bone And Joint Support

One of the most significant things you should always consider is the healthy structure of your body. This includes taking care of your spine, bones and joints since they keep your body upright. 

If you fail to look after these things, life can take a wrong turn and result in mobility issues or constant pain. For instance, if you just directly place your mattress on the floor, it will shift around every time you sleep. It can also make your sleeping position uncomfortable if the floor is not a flat surface. 

Investing in a sturdy bed frame can make a lot of difference as it reinforces your skeletal structure. Even if you toss and turn throughout the night, the mattress will remain stable and prevent body pains in the long run. This is especially helpful if you require proper recovery from intense workout regimens!

Prevents Mould, Bugs and Dirt

It can be surprising how most people aren’t aware that your floor contains terrible germs. They would sleep right on the floor because they claim it provides them relief from back pain and improves their posture. 

However, this is on a case-to-case basis. More often than not, you’re only making your body more susceptible to breathing in harmful bacteria. Dust accumulating on the floor is also a cause of serious health issues like sneezing, coughing and other respiratory problems.

When you use a custom bed frame to elevate your mattress, you can take care of your respiratory health and sleep without the fear of coughing yourself to death. You also prevent bed bugs from making your mattress their home, which can trigger allergies and skin rashes. 

Special Lengths and Special Shapes

Buying custom bed frames becomes a necessity when you have a special-sized bed. 

Let’s say you’re quite taller than six feet. To make sure you have the best sleeping experience, you decided to invest in a California king-size mattress which is up to 84 inches long. You’ve poured hours and hours looking for a ready-made bed frame that will match your mattress, yet nothing good has come up on the search results.

But with a custom bed frame, you can get an extra big frame that goes beyond the standard dimensions most manufacturers sell.

Moreover, it gives you lots of options not limited to standard beds that are either shaped rectangular or square. You might have a bedroom that’s shaped differently, having a curved or sharp angle. If you want to avoid a dead space in your room, having a customised bed frame can accommodate that specific area. 

This advantage lets you unleash your creativity beyond its limits. Now, you can have a bed frame perfectly suited to your personality—a piece of furniture that truly means something to you!

Get Access to Special Features

One of the biggest advantages of getting a custom bed frame in Singapore is that you can install personalised features you can’t find in standard beds. For example, if you want to add more stylistic elements to your space, you may add specially crafted headboards or legs. 

Investing in a custom bed frame also comes with extra storage space. This is especially helpful if you live in a cramped apartment and you have little to no space for your clothes, books and other things. 

Under the bed is a great place to store your bath towels, extra blankets, linens, seasonal clothing and many more. It will keep you from overcrowding your space, giving you a sense of peace and cleanliness every time you step into the room. 

How to Choose the Right Custom Bed Frame

Now that you’ve understood how important a custom bed frame is, you might wonder how to buy the right one in Singapore. There’s just so much inspiration out there, and having to make this huge decision can feel overwhelming. 

Besides, since getting a custom bed frame grants you the freedom to be innovative, the planning process is a bit tricky.

You don’t have to fret! Luckily, Affairs Living has the right answers to guide you through this buying process. Let’s take a look at these considerations below:

Size and Fit Considerations

Before buying any furniture, it is always important to measure your space so you don’t end up with something that doesn’t fit. It’s time to get a reliable measuring tape to get things done!

Room Measurements

Make sure that you accurately record the measurements of the allotted space in your bedroom and the custom bed frame of your choice. They need to have practically the same dimensions and should leave a little wiggle room for other bedroom accessories like bedside tables.

Ideally, you need about two to three feet on the sides and end.

Remember that it shouldn’t look too big or too small! Your bedroom will either look extremely cramped or awkward, so be careful when specifying dimensions.

Mattress Measurements

If you’ve already bought a mattress, ensure that the custom bed frame perfectly fits its size and vice versa. You can use it as your sizing guide!

Keep in mind that mattress sizes come in a couple of variations. For instance, compared to a standard-sized mattress, a twin XL bed is about five inches longer. A California king-size mattress is four inches narrower and longer than a standard king. 

When taking its measurements, remove the bedsheets so you measure it from the exact edge. Measure the length and width in inches from head to foot and side to side to cover all the bases.


Another thing that needs consideration is your preferred height. You have to decide what’s best for your room's aesthetic as well as health conditions.

For example, if you’re someone who suffers from mobility issues like spinal cord injuries and arthritis, a higher bed frame is highly recommended. It should be around 20 to 23 inches tall (50 to 60 centimetres).

However, you can purchase a low-profile bed frame instead if you like being closer to the ground. 

Bed Frame Materials

When it comes to custom bed frames, several bed manufacturers in Singapore offer two options: wood and metal. To choose which one of these choices is the best for you, you have to look at their appearance.

Don’t forget to look into their qualities, no matter what the material is. Choosing a wooden frame with a weak construction won’t last very long, while opting for solid hardwood can be a great investment. We always suggest that you check the joinery system and hardware before buying.

This goes the same with metal bed frames. If you pick a flimsy one, it would bend easily and sag under too much weight. It may also create unnecessary noise which can keep you up all night!

You can also go with upholstered custom bed frames. They are typically made of wood or metal covered in fabric. Although they require regular maintenance, this type of bed frame gives your bedroom a cosy and warm atmosphere. Just make sure that you handle them with maximum care so they don’t rip and fade.

Headboard Options

One of the biggest advantages of custom bed frames is that they offer lots of headboard designs. From simple ones to fully upholstered headboard frames, you can achieve that inch-perfect look you’ve always wanted!

Take a look at your bedroom design first before picking a headboard style. Say you have a minimalist bedroom. To complement your space, you may pick something that looks sleek with a neutral colour such as off-white, beige, grey and some shades of black.

Aside from that, you should pay attention to its height! The headboard must be above the mattress and should be four inches wider than the bed frame.

You may also want to consider how you’re going to use the headboard. If you want your back to rest comfortably against it as you sit and work on your bed, an upholstered headboard is an ideal choice due to its foam pads.

Storage Options

Custom bed frames are known for opening up more possibilities for creating more storage in your room. It helps you minimise clutter, be organised and store your things somewhere safe and dry. 

You need to consider the bedroom size first. If you have a big space, try including built-in drawers located under the bed that open on both sides. 

The good news is, Affairs Living offers made-to-order bed frames with top-notch extra storage regardless of how big or small your space is. With a standard depth of 30 centimetres, you get access to a spacious storage system and keep the clutter under control!

They also come with German hydraulic systems to keep things safe and durable. You can easily access things and store them back in just one lift.

Overall Design

The main reason why homeowners in Singapore are now flocking to bed customisation is that it allows them to turn their dreams into reality, down to the most intricate details. 

It means that getting yourself a custom bed frame doesn’t just revolve around practicality. The aesthetics are part of the pie, too.

So, when you start personalising your bed frame, you have to take a hard look at your bedroom’s interior design. It may be contemporary, rustic, industrial, modern, farmhouse or art deco, among other things. 

For instance, you can elevate your art deco bedroom by purchasing a rounded headboard like a halo. 

Whatever custom bed frame you end up designing, it should match the vibe of your bedroom. Even though it should be the focal point of your space, remember that your goal is a unified aesthetic. Your bedroom furniture should never look like they’re competing with each other!

Keeping it New: How to Care for Your Custom Bed Frames

You’re likely going to spend thousands of dollars on a high-quality custom bed frame. What you want to avoid is to keep replacing them every year so you don’t waste your hard-earned money.

Check out these maintenance tips to keep your bed frames free from dust, stains or rust:

Establish a Cleaning Routine

Include your bed frame on your house cleaning schedule and make it a habit to spruce it up. Add it to the list of your daily chores as much as you can. 

If you have an upholstered custom bed frame, make sure that you use a soft brush or vacuum to avoid discolouration. Use a clean, damp cloth then dry it with a lint-free duster if it’s wooden or metal. 

Read the manufacturer’s instructions first just to be sure. When it comes to cleaning products, only use what they recommend. 

Remember, it only takes a few minutes to keep it dirt-free but it would take you more time and cost you more money just to remove stuck-on gunk you refuse to acknowledge!

Keep it Away From Direct Sunlight

Whether your custom bed frame is made of wood or covered in fabric, you must keep it away from direct sunlight at all times. Like any other furniture, extreme heat may cause upholstered items to fade and damage wooden surfaces beyond repair.

Secure and Tighten Screws

Make sure that you check the fittings and fixtures of your custom bed frame every month. 

Take some time to tighten and secure all bolts & screws on the headboard, linking bars, feet and castors. That way, loose connections won’t damage your bed base and lower your sleep quality.

Don’t Overload Your Drawers

Refrain from overloading your bedstead drawers! We understand that you want to maximise its storage space, but drawers are typically designed for lightweight items only. This includes clothing, pillows and bedding.

Drawers will become harder to open and access if they are overfilled. To keep you guided, here are the maximum weights you should keep in mind:

  • Mini drawers - seven kilograms
  • Standard drawers - 15 kilograms.

Get Your Custom Bed Frames From Affairs Living

Everything seems pretty straightforward when buying a custom bed frame, until the choices are right in front of you and you don’t know where to begin.

And if you’re a new homeowner, the whole process can feel incredibly frustrating. What bed frame design should you pick? How can the height of the bedstead cater to your bedroom aesthetic? What kind of storage space do you exactly need?

Lots of practical issues like comfort, size, space and style need to be considered.

But now that you have this ultimate guide on purchasing and designing the bed frame of your dreams, you can finally narrow down your options! That’s why we want you to know what you truly need to help you enhance the sleeping experience.

Luckily, this is what Affairs Living is all about. With our made-to-order bed frames, all of your needs will be met. We have several headboard options and materials to choose from, so you can nurture your creativity and add a personal touch to your bedroom.

You can also get the following perks:

  • Customise your headboard for maximum comfort
  • Choose from a variety of premium fabrics
  • Get free installation
  • Receive up to a 5-year warranty
  • Enjoy easy-access hydraulic storage. 

With Affairs Living, function meets style. If you’re ready to make your vision a reality, send us a message and allow our bedding experts to guide you through the process. Contact us!

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