Can Mattress Toppers Cause Back Pain?

Chronic back pains are one of the most disrupting conditions in our lives. Back pains also interrupt our sleep especially when it flares up. The fallout from back pain can affect literally every part of our lives. In a rapidly ageing population such as Singapore, chronic back pain is an important emerging healthcare problem.

Those of us suffering from back pains may also go in search of a good mattress or topper that help alleviate this chronic condition. Lying down for long periods could exacerbate the pain and some people purchase mattress toppers to help with it. However, can mattress toppers cause back pain?

It may sound inconceivable right? That a mattress topper can make an impact on your life. Getting the right mattress topper can keep your back pain at bay, provided it is the right one for you. Sleep and the level of comfort we experience on our bed is very subjective. If you suffer from chronic back pain, it is best to first ask your doctor if there are any remedies such as taking a long term supplement, doing a particular exercise and of course, checking the firmness of your mattress.

Should You Purchase A Firm Mattress or Topper?

There are some who say that a firm mattress or a topper is good for back pain. But there are others who disagree. So, who is right? It all depends. You may have become used to a soft mattress and switching to a hard surface could cause more discomfort. Before you switch your soft mattress to a firm one or go out in an impulse to get a firm topper, you can try sleeping on your floor for a night to see how a hard and firm surface feels for you.

Although a soft mattress and topper may accommodate the natural curvature of your spine, there is a high possibility that you are going to sink into it. Sinking into your mattress topper and not getting the support at pressure points may cause you more pain.

Which Mattress Topper Is Right?

If you just bought a mattress, which you feel may be exacerbating your back pain; or if you are not able to part with an old but dear mattress, you might consider getting a mattress topper.

The mattress topper comes in different firmness. A side sleeper needs a softer mattress topper while a back sleeper needs a firmer surface. A firm mattress is also known to be better for back pain. However, these are just generalities and how you feel is really subjective and does not apply to everyone. It may take you some time to get used to a new sleeping surface.

Your body may complain if it is not used to a new mattress topper. Sometimes, pain while sleeping in a new mattress topper simply means it is forcing your spine back into a healthy position.

Which Mattress Topper Is Right?

Memory foam mattress toppers are known to give support to your spine. If you are looking to bring your old mattress back to life or to improve your sleep environment at a fraction of a price, consider getting the Sleepthetic™ Fitted Memory Foam Topper from Affairs Living.

Memory foam contours to different body types. Moreover, the Sleepthetic™ Fitted Memory Foam topper comes encased in TENCEL removable cover meant to keep you cool and dry your body as TENCEL is very efficient at wicking away moisture.

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December 29, 2020 — hue lai