8 amazing things to buy from Bedding Affairs luxury brand

Bedding Affairs in Singapore continues to build out its online store inventory, and in the process, we’ve acquired well-known brands like Hotelier Prestigio™. Head over to Bedding Affairs’s website and check out some of the highest-rated products you can shop from the collection.

1. Some classic sheets with a great thread count

Hotelier Prestigio™ Silver Check Embroidery Fitted Sheet Set

Sheets are never a bad investment. 

These Combed cotton is extremely soft and costs more compared to conventional cotton. With a thread count of 623 sheets are exquisitely designed and expertly tailored to provide the ultimate nights' sleep. It is available in Single, Super Single, Queen and King.

The customers love these sheets keep them cool and comfortable overnight and are pleased with how well the sheets stand up to washing.

2. Fluffy towels to replace your current ones

Your parents would approve.

There’s nothing wrong with stocking up on basics, and people really love these towels. The materials used were safe and the production process was ethical, these towels will be a great replacement for the old towels you’ve been hanging on to and come at a great price point. They’re built to be absorbent and stand up to multiple washings.

Check out the Towels Collection that you’re really looking to stock up!

3. This made with the world’s finest cotton quilt cover

Hotelier Prestigio™ Supima Cotton Cyprus Blue Quilt Cover

How can you say no to this precious?

This quilt cover has a near perfect 5-star rating, with people saying it’s high-quality, easy to clean, and designed beautifully. Supima® cotton ranks in the top one percent of the finest grade cotton available on the planet. Supima® sheets are highly breathable so help to regulate your temperature. The high-quality cotton means they get even softer with every wash. 

It is available in Single / Super Single, Queen and King.

4. A cozy euro sham & king sham pillow

No homeware roundup is complete without one.

This euro sham & king sham comes with pillow and is machine washable, and our customers love how soft and warm the cotton is. It comes at an excellent price point, so grab it now.

5. This gorgeous premium microfiber quilt

Hotelier Prestigio™ Premium MicroFiber Quilt

You feel free to dance on it all you like.

I love the warmth they bring to a space and how effortlessly they can tie a room together. This luxurious Hotel down touch quilt is the bedding essential for those who love to drift off in luxury. This luxury product featured boxed stitching for 5 stars hotel standards. This is a great replacement for a natural filling for allergy sufferers. Our Hotelier Prestigio™ Premium MicroFiber Quilt  have 2 thickness selection now (100GSM / 200GSM)

6. A stand-alone fitted mattress protector

Hotelier Prestigio™ Fitted Poly-Cotton Mattress Protector

Keep shape of the mattress.

If you’re like me and you like the mattress protector help things stay fresher and cleaner for longer along with quilt & pillow. As well as protecting your mattress against costly wear and tear associated with regular use, also offers added warmth and comfort. Now we have Waterproof Fitted Mattress Protector. It is easily washable and fully fitted, featuring a woven cover over a very fine, yet waterproof membrane. 

7. A right pillow to brighten up your day

Customers like how comfortable the pillow and good quality, like the one you find in 5-star hotel.

8. A premium micro fiber bolster

Hotelier Prestigio™ Micro Fiber Bolster

Firm for back or arm support or for decorative application.

Premium Micro Fibre Deluxe Bolster has the characteristics to perform as close to natural down pillows as possible. Micro fibers are fibers of a fine denier (thickness) which gives excellent loft and thermal properties.

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