7 Ways to Stop Snoring

Snoring may seem harmless except as an annoyance to your partner who may have to endure it. Occasional snoring is normal for 45% of normal adults and s/he could be the brunt of jokes during family gathering. But consistent snoring nightly could be a serious problem.

It could lead your partner to sleep in another bedroom. Or, these consistent snoring could reveal underlying health conditions such as obesity, and obstructive sleep apnea, which increases the risk of developing heart disease.

There are several remedies to stop snoring such as anti-snoring devices, lifestyle and bedtime remedies to help stop snoring. But go to your healthcare professional to make sure your snoring is not caused by an underlying health condition. If it is just a normal snoring problem, you may try the following remedies as a self-help strategy to reduce snoring at Affairs Living Singapore below:-

1. Sleep on Your Side

If you tend to sleep on your back, you may want to sleep on your side as this reduces snoring. To help you create this habit of sleeping on the side, attach a tennis ball on the back of your tee-shirt so that when you roll on your back, the discomfort will cause you to turn to your side. Or you can place a tennis ball under your pillow to help you make sleeping on your side a habit.

2. Elevate Your Head

Elevating your head 4 inches high may ease breathing and encourage your tongue and jaw to move forward. There are specially designed pillows that can help prevent snoring by ensuring that your neck muscles are not crimped. 

The ‘Zero Gravity’ position where your head is partly elevated, and your feet are raised higher than your heart resulting in considerable reduction in back pain and boosted blood flow. This is because your circulation and respiration become less than ideal if you’re lying flat on your back, and your bones begin to put stress on your flesh in the same spots. An adjustable bed lets you modify your oxygen intake and blood flow by inclining its segments so that you’re technically not lying parallel to the floor.

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3. Practice Good Sleeping Habits

Irregular sleep patterns may lead to snoring. For example, working long hours without enough sleep may have a similar effect as drinking alcohol. Hitting the sack after long hours of work may cause you to sleep hard and deep and your muscles become floppier with a higher possibility to snore in bed.

4. Clearing Nasal Passages

If snoring starts in your nose, and you are prone to sinus allergies, keeping nasal passages clear and open may be a remedy. Open nasal passages allow air to move through slower. When your nose is blocked due to cold or allergies, fast-moving air is more likely to cause snoring.

Having a hot shower before going to bed can clear the nasal passage. Or you can rinse your nose out with saline water using a neti pot. Nasal strips may also work to lift nasal passages and open them up provided the problem exists in your nose and not within the soft palate.

5. Keep the Air Moist in Bedroom

Dry air can irritate membranes in the nose and throat, especially when you are sleeping in an air-conditioned room. Nasal tissues may swell in dry conditions and a humidifier may help.

6. Avoid Alcohol, Sleeping Pills and Sedatives

Alcohol, sleeping pills and sedatives can relax the muscles in the throat and interfere with breathing. You may also check with your doctor on any prescription medications that you are taking which could cause a deep level of sleep that can worsen snoring.

7. Be Mindful of What You Eat Before Sleep

Research has shown that a large meal or consuming certain foods such as dairy or soy milk just before bedtime can make snoring worse.

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