5 Tips to Choosing the Right Bed Frame

When we go shopping for beds, we often place more attention on the comfort of the mattress and types. We may place less attention on picking the right bed frame. A bed frame can add to the style of the bed room that you wish to create. The bed frame is often the focal point of bedroom décor and also can potentially add more storage space in your room. To help you with your purchase, here are 5 tips to choosing the right bed frame.

How Do I Choose The Right Bed Frame?

1. Getting the Correct Bed Frame Size for Your Room

The bed usually takes up the most space in a bedroom. A large bed frame can easily overpower a bedroom and may even block spaces you want to keep open for doing yoga in your room. Before purchasing your bed frame, measure your bedroom floor space. If you have already bought your mattress, place your mattress where you would like to position your bed frame and imagine having a bed frame there.

If you find that you have limited space, you can consider opting for a simple metal bed frame under your box spring to maximize the usable space in your room. Or you can go for a bed frame that offers storage space under the box springs or shelves in the headboard to give you more space saving options.

2. Use Your Mattress as a Sizing Guide

Choose the right sized bed for you right now, our Singaporean mattress sizes guide is the perfect starting point.

Mattress Size In Centimeters (cm)
Single Size 91 cm (W)  x 190 cm (L)
Super Single Size 107 cm (W)  x 190 cm (L)
Queen Size 152 cm (W)  x 190 cm (L)
King Size 182 cm (W) x 190 cm (L)

Choosing a bed frame is always easier when you already have a mattress you love in mind. If you own a king size mattress, you would obviously pick a king-sized bed frame. But if your mattress is of a European make, it may not fit a bed frame made for Asian sizes. So be sure to measure your mattress if you have one already before going out to hunt for your bed frame. If you are buying your entire bed from scratch, we recommend you take a look at our first tip on getting the correct bed frame size for your room.

3. Choosing the Right Support for Your Mattress

All bed frames come with support to hold the mattress for a night’s comfort sleep. There are two main support options that comes with bed frames and they are box springs or platform beds.

Box spring is a supportive square that lifts your mattress. Contrary to what the name suggests, box springs do not actually contain springs while some still do with the aim to assist the bed with absorbing the weight of your body. A bed frame with box spring helps keep your mattress supported and sturdy over time.

If you only need a mattress without a box spring, a platform bed is a straight forward choice for those watching their budgets. Some platform beds are able to accommodate a box spring as well if you would like to have your bed lifted a little higher off the ground.

4. Picking the Right Height

The height of the bed frame is something for you to consider as well. It depends on how high your mattress is and if you need a taller bed frame. What is important is your comfort. Those with mobility issues would require a higher mattress or bed frame to help with getting on and off the bed easily. If you prefer to stay lower to the ground, a platform bed would suit you better.

5. Compare Bed Frame Material

Bed frames are mainly made from wood or metal. Both are sturdy options but they provide a different look for the bed room. It depends on whether you are looking for a Scandinavian or modern look which might make the wood option more attractive. If it is a contemporary or edgy décor you are after, you might consider a metal frame.

The quality of the material is also important. Solid hardwood is very sturdy compared to a wooden frame which may not hold up as well or as durable.

Compare Bed Frame Material

Consider Customizable Bed Frames

Affairs Living offers bed frames that you can customise to the colour you are looking for! You can also choose a design for the headboard if you are selecting our leather headboard range. Our bed frames are made of strong wooden frame structures. We have bed frames with and without storage options and they come in variants sizes – split king, king, queen, super single, single, EU king, EU queen & EU single. Bed sizes Customisable, please consult our Specialist for a quotation.

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March 23, 2021 — hue lai