5 Rules For A Timeless Bedroom Design

Have you ever looked at a home interior magazine from 20 years ago and thought that some home design still looks relevant for today? If you want to decorate your home or your bedroom to one that is fresh to the eye and mind years from today, you are seeking a “classic” design. In Singapore, classic designs are timeless in style, colour and materials that are meant to stay fresh through the decades. To design a bedroom or a home with the classic timeless look, there are 5 rules for a timeless bedroom design you can follow.

1. Do Not Follow Trends

Timeless designs do not belong to any fad or trends. It is not retro, ornate or avantgarde. Timeless design is quiet and understated, highly functional, adaptable and lasting. Neutral colours often work with timeless bedroom designs. Having a classic look in your home also does not mean you cannot reach out to furniture reminiscent of a certain era. You can pull in an antique furniture against the wall and a modern painting above it. It creates a balance and function – an essence of timeless interior design.

2. Go for Traditional Colours

Cotton Pure™ Milky Beige Jersey Cotton Fitted Sheet Set

Cotton Pure™ Milky Beige Jersey Cotton Fitted Sheet Set

Timeless designs do not come with overpowering colours. Neutral tones such as beiges, grays and off-whites provide the perfect backdrop for your bed and furnishings. They are also a great compliment for plants and colour artwork. These traditional colours do not mean dullness as they can be easily paired with other classic colours such as black, dark greens and blue. There are colours touted by designers as the colour of the year. Avoid using colour of the year in your home design as they do not stand the test of time.

3. Keep Away the Technology

Technology has changed over the years and for a room design that lasts, it makes sense to put away media pieces. Fortunately, technology has come a long way from big to small pieces such as stereos, speakers and games consoles. Some are even becoming obsolete. The television often takes up space on the wall as the focal point of the room. With people using television lesser and lesser, it makes sense to decorate the wall or area meant for the television, especially in the master bedroom with something more functional and classic, such as a modern or contemporary piece of painting.

4. Create a Focal Point

The focal point of a bedroom is naturally the bed frame and mattress. Non-ornamental bed frames made of teak or neutral colour fit the functional, simple and classic look. It is imperative to choose bed sheets that goes with timeless home design. Our Hotelier Prestigio™ Luxury Bronzy Fitted Sheet Set with quilt cover reflects clarity and adds an enduring touch to a bedroom in neutral tones.

Hotelier Prestigio™ Luxury Bronzy Fitted Sheet Set

Hotelier Prestigio™ Luxury Bronzy Fitted Sheet Set

5. Functional Design

To create a functional room that is lasting, keep away from over-sized furniture. Avoid over-sized bed frames or puffy couches and also avoid those that are overly streamlined. Each furniture should not come across as too small or big but fits the room perfectly, where their use can be clearly seen. Do not be afraid to add furniture designs or styles from the past. When they are complimented by modern pieces they have an enduring feature about them.

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July 06, 2020 — Adela Teo